Monday, July 30, 2018

The Big 300

The Big 300.
 My 300th blog post. Didn't think it would take me this long to get to this point. I started out strong, posting on a regular basis. Then several factors slowed me down. The big culprit was Facebook! There are many great groups for dolls, knitting, cross-stitch and gymnastics on there. But there's also a ton of crap on there that's taken up far too much of my time.
It's far better to spend REAL time with REAL people, like my new- found friends at the local library knitting group. A diverse group of lovely ladies that meets every Thursday at 1:30pm. We share knitting of course, but also stories, recipes, patterns and of course yarn. I am the youngest one of the group. It's a nice break from the daily monotony of living with my father. A bit bittersweet, since my late mother was a leader of this group years ago, before Parkinson's robbed her of her ability to get out of the house.

From the "yarn bin" I acquired four skeins of fingering weight cotton. They were natural cream color until I dyed them with a tye-dye kit from Wal-Mart.

My dad celebrated his 87th Birthday in style at the end of June. I made him a baseball themed party and I think he really enjoyed his  special day.

Filling my days with a bit of crafting....

.....and some much needed exercise.

Now for that 300th Post thing.
I suppose a give-a-way is in order!
But what exactly to give??
I'll let you decide. I'll read the comments on this post, draw a name and send you something that matches your hobbies and interests.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Hot and Cold

Dad is happy. Cats are happy.  My heart aches. No insult to those readers from New Jersey, but if I never leave the house again to shop I will be OK with that. Maybe I've just hit a bad spell. Every store is crowded. Every cashier either angry or indifferent. Fellow customers are pure rudeness bordering on the criminally insane. I've had enough.
Hello Esty, Amazon and

As I "detox" myself from my overwhelming need to buy new stash, I dive head-first into my WIP collection. Some have not even gotten to the "IP" stage and are just kitted up and ready to go.
I started and finished "Hannah Colby" last week.

Oh my, a stitchy finish at last!!

Last Thursday my nephew Dylan graduated from high school. It was surreal to be back at that school for the first time in 36 years. Four years of anxiety, eating disorders and mean girls was enough for me. I was done there in 1982 and never looked back.

My niece and nephew on the other hand were smart, stylish and popular high school students, enjoying their four years to the fullest.

The cats become more comfortable here each passing day.




Do you ever get the feeling that someone is watching you?
After many years in and out of the WIP  bag, back and forth from one state to another, running hot and cold with my feelings for him, Mr. Seahorse is nearly finished!
Many, many shades of peach, coral and orange. He keeps my head spinning. But I have such a need to accomplish something... ANYTHING at this point in my life.
He does have such a lovely face, don't you think?

I pin my hopes on you, Mr. Seahorse. Keep me focused and at peace.

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Garden State

Awkward, lonely, restless. Creativity has drained from me. Hard to find or define my purpose here.
When Joe visited last month Spring finally arrived. We visited the nearby Presby Iris Gardens. Joe patiently endured my touristy endeavors.

Missing my sweet kitties left at home in Ohio. Joe loves them and takes such good care of them.

And Pepper has made friends with the 7 cats here with me at Dad's house. Here she is with her minion, Timmy!

Will I ever manage to put needle to thread again in any meaningful way? Will the knitting needles clatter away in this house like they did with such grace when my mother was alive? 
Everything is in some mysterious holding pattern....waiting for something. The season is about to change again soon. I try to hold it back. Or should I press fast-forward? Such indecision, as with everything I do lately.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Getting Things Done

Actually, not too much getting done. The big move to New Jersey is looming and so much sadness and depression overwhelms me.

All the fabrics, yarn, threads and patterns have been packed up and mailed ahead to my father's house. So many things will be left behind.....

The whole gang of precious cats! I had to get a few to pose together, since the collage-maker won't take 10 photos.
Ollie, Sparky and Mocha will stay here with Joe. All the others will come with me to throw Pepper's life upsidedown.

So that's that. What more can I say....

Another Great Give-a-Way