Friday, January 27, 2012


From Team photo night at the gym.  L to R Alisha, Kaysa, David, Me, Becca, Brenda, Jill and Karena.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cross-Stitch Lives!

...and apparently, so do I!  I know some of you must have been wondering what corner of the planet I had fallen off.  Over a month since my last post, bless me Father for I have..............ok, I'm getting off topic.  The topic being my latest (and ONLY) cross-stitch finish in ages.  Gymnast Ksenia Seymonova of Russia.  I must admit it was the colors of the leotard that drew me to stitch this design, another one of my self-made charts.
Quite a bit of "live" gymnastics going on too.  Little Level 4 Alayna is part of the much larger group that I coach now.  Tonight is Picture Night for the Team so I should be posting a few more of my lovely ladies very soon.

Back on the crafting front, I created this card for my mother's 77th Birthday that was on January 17th.  She also got this home-made pot holder.  Since she struggles with Parkinson's Disease I chose this design of pot holder to prevent spills and burns from lifting large pans or cookie sheets.  As things go I think my dad will get more use of it then my mom.  He seems to have taken over 90% of the household tasks.  My mother thinks this is only fair since she did 90% of the household task for the first 90% of their marriage!
It seems that I have tempted the Fates long enough and the computer is acting strange (yet again).  The layout of this post looks just fine right now.  Wait till I press the "post" button;  it's always a surprise what shows up.