Thursday, December 22, 2011

Terra Nova

A new crafting obsession, terrarium-making.  Thanks to the inspiration of this new library book "Terrarium Craft".  I've always loved 'miniature worlds' and gardening.  This new craft adventure combines my love of dollhouses with my passion for working in the dirt.  The one pictured above has a Zen/Oriental theme and is for my friend Sharee's birthday on the 30th. 

This one is for my Baptist mother-in-law, so it has a decided more "neutral" feel to it.  The birdbath is a little glass candle holder from Wal Mart!

Another Christmas craft, knitting, went in the way of cowl-making over the past few months.  I made several for my mother to give to her friends as her own knitting skills have been hampered by Parkinson's Disease.  My mom used to churn out complex cabled sweaters in less then a week.  She still knits, though it be very slowly, as therapy for her hands.  I was glad to help her out and prove that all those hours spent teaching me to knit were not in vain.  This cowl is for my sister-in-law.  A bit of "bling" in silver and gold are added to the chunky black yarn.

A wonderful Amazon gift card arrived in this box from my brother and his family.  I just love Amazon and this gift is greatly appreciated by everyone at my house, especially Coal.

I didn't set up the big tree this year.  I added a few more owls to the little tree on the TV and I may bring down my silver chicken wire creation to put on top of the sewing machine table.  I'm finishing up a few last-minute alterations for some friends and then the lid will close on the sewing table so the tree can stand there.

If my computer allows I will post again soon.  If I don't get back on-line before the 25th, I wish a Very Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bloggedy, Blog, Blog, Blog.....................

Gymnastics coaching, gift making, Christmas card sending, cooking baking, cowl knitting, ornament stitching, house decorating...basically anything that doesn't involve this sorry excuse for a computer.  Today's record was 31 tries to get it to start up.  Blue screens, black screens, even some cool mosiac patterns.  But here I am, finally able to post.  So of course my photo editing software won't open!  I did find this photo from a few weeks ago.  Two lovely new friends from a local farm.  Gizmo is the big gray guy and his little calico buddy is one of the family of barn cats....two other siblings and the mom and dad cat.  All live peacefully together.
So that's me, putting myself out there "on-line".  Hopefully I can post some photos next time, but one never knows when that "next time" will be.