Saturday, June 2, 2012

Let's Take A Walk

It started out with threatening skies early this afternoon.  But nothing came of it.  Lots of sun and a bit of a breeze.  I don't think it even reached 70 degrees F today.  Plenty of stitchiness going on, but it was just too nice to sit still.  So my walking companions and I set out into the fields behind the house

Back past the big barn and the little sheds.

Carmella is always the most adventurous

Roy and Coal survive their vast "hunting ground".

For Carmella it's a bit of "Where's Waldo" in the dry grass.

My little entourage sticks with me all the way to the far corner of our property.  It's hard to even see the house through all the lovely greenery.

Some interesting wildflowers.  Didn't want to get too close because of the poison ivy surrounding them.

On the way back everyone needs a little rest at the half-way point.  Mel catching some shade in the tall grass.

Roy and Coal under my chair.

Old Mr. Twinsy, our resident neighbor-cat, decided to sit this one out on the comfort of the patio chair.

I certainly can't forget my sweet friend Blacky.  He's two years old today.  Well, it's one of those kitty guess-timate birthdays.  He loves living at Roy and Sharee's house.  I remember when he first showed up on their deck in mid July 2010.  Such a tiny, scared little guy.  Now he is so friendly and bold....and yes, a bit mischievous!

Happy Birthday Blacky!