Monday, April 30, 2012

The Itch To Stitch

The stitching mo-jo is flowing.  Here is the finish of the 'Origami Bag' I picked up at the Chatfield College Quilt and Craft show on Saturday.  What a way to use two fat-quarter pieces.  Now I am scavenging my stash bins in search of suitable pairings of 18" squares to make 50 to 100 more of these bags!  It took me a little over an hour to complete this one.  I was slowed down a bit by the drawings (I prefer photos) in the instruction and getting the fold just right.  But now I'm sure I could whip one up in less the a hour.  I see my future as "Gymnastics Grip Bag Provider" to the World!

Close-up of the cute mushroom print.  You can barely catch a glimpse of the lavendar spotted lining material under the fold.

But other obligations call.  I am 'ghost stitching" a project via an Etsy contact.  I've never done this before, but I've always struggled when "forced" to stitch something for someone else.  OK, maybe 'forced' is a bit harsh; I am getting paid to do this.  The colors are pretty but the design and horendous amount of backstitching is getting on my nerves.  I try to keep in mind that this design means a lot to someone.  So much in fact, that they are willing to hire me to stitch it for them.  The horses help too.  If I think of them as actual animals, rather then 4 billion tedious color changes, I can view them in a much more sympathetic light.

On the wish list goes this super Barbar Ana design that I spotted on the On-Line Needlework Show.  How I've missed those shows in the past months of 'Internet exile'.

18" dolly got a new dress.  She's my knock-off American Girl purchased at Target many years ago.  Ignore her rather 'bad hair day' and focus on her c.1860 blouse and skirt.  I even managed to create a hoop skirt to support it all in proper style.

Although the carosel hourses are calling to me, the weather outside and the cats take priority for now.  Wishing you a wonderful day!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chatfield College Quilt Show

A cloudy, rainy Saturday turned out to be an interesting day.  I went with my neighbor Sharee, her daughter, her sister and her nephew to the quilt and craft show at Chatfield College.  This lovely old school is run by the Ursuline Order of Catholic Sisters and the quilt exhibit was displayed in their beautiful chapel.  There were also four other campus buildings filled with handmade jewelry, stained glass,soaps, herbs, knitting, crochet and various other needlework.  Also many booths that sold gorgeous calico fabrics and quilting books. 
This one got my vote in the "Viewers Choice" poll

Oooh, such cute kitties

The architecture was amazing!

I was barely able to restrain myself to the $7.00 that was in my purse.  I spent $5.50 and got a kit for this cute little origami bag (pattern and fabrics included) and a half yard of 18 count aida for $1.50.  What a bargain on both items.  There were tons of other fabrics and numerous books that I wanted to buy, but my stash is already over-flowing.

Now, off to stitch!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sew What

This!  A selection of felt sweets.  I'm totally obsessed with making these.  The strawberry shortcake and the s'more are from  "Quilts & More" magazine.  The cookies are from patterns by the wonderful Etsy seller 'Sweet Emma Jean'.  Not only does she sell the patterns (along with those for picnic food, pies and various fruit cakes), she also sells the felt packets to complete the entire project.

A  pair socks, knitted a few weeks ago. I used Premier Deborah Norvilla Serenity in "Surf".  I made them just above ankle height so they can be used in warmer weather.  The little frog is a bean bag made of had-dyed batik fabric I purchased in Florida over a decade ago.

"Quaker Frog" from The Workbasket series of animals.  Stitched long ago, but finally made into a box.

Lovely Tess got a new dress last week.  Black and gold stripey pattern that the Victorians would consider 'half-mourning' attire. 

On the cooking front this book by Rachael Ray has become my go to for nearly everything.  Many of her recipes use inexpensive chicken legs or thighs and I love her slightly Mediterranean flair.

Still struggling with moving photos around in a post, so this is a bit rambling and disorganized.  Haven't quite mastered the art of the laptop "mouse", or rather non-mouse as it may be.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The World Speeds On

Here I am on my happy new little laptop with my happy new EXPENSIVE hi-speed connection.  Don't quite know what to do with it all yet.  Just wanted to let you all know that I'm back and "stronger and faster" then I was before.  Ok, it did take me nearly 48 hours to figure out how to access my blog via my new e-mail.  After many, I MEAN MANY 'rejections' from Blogger, I am welcomed back into the cyber world.  I'll spend a few days catching up on all your marvelous posts, make some comments and then I'll start working on figuring out how to get my photos from my camera into this little whirlwind of a machine.
Oh lookie, the photos showed up.  And I didn't even have to re-size the bad-boys.  I'm not going to tamper with greatness and try to move them around in the post...not that bold yet.  From top to bottom:
Happenings at the gym-Abby on Beam
The lovely Mocha
Mel and Coal napping together-an odd pairing.  Usually it's Roy with Coal and Mel is the loner.

A happy day to all...........see you again soon.