Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 WIPocolypse Challenge

I not usually one to join in on these on-line things.  Too much clicking here and signing in there.  Friending, following, giving out a lot of information etc.  But this one seemed pretty easy.  Just go here to WIPocolypse Challenge and pick a few works-in-progress.  Then get to WORK on them and check back a few times a month and chat about your progress and view the progress of fellow stitchers.  There are several WIPs that I could have chosen but I decided to focus on these two:

Donna Vermillion Giampi's Citrus Pillow.  This one has been in the works for over 10 years.  Meant as a gift for my aunt who lives in Florida who has all of these wonderful fruits growing in her back yard.  It's been taken out, tucked away, folded and unfolded more times then I can count!

The other WIP is Jerusalem Sampler.  This one has been hanging around for a while too.  I am hoping it will be done in time for the Spring wedding of a dear friend's daughter.  The young couple will be moving to Israel after they are married.
On the weather front, it has finally warmed up a bit after last week's FREEZING (and below freezing) weather.  Kitty Coal found the warmest spot with Joe and the TV watching quickly turned to napping.

I started and finished a few small projects while worshipping the wood stove last week.  This is Goode Huswife "Pennsylvania Beehive".  It's now stitched up into a 3 dimensional bee skep waiting to be stuffed with cedar chips.

Roy attentively followed the progress, or maybe he was just warming himself by the stove!  He does have a very satisfied look on his face.