Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Autumn Garden & Craft Sale

On Saturday 22 September my neighbor Kelly is opening up her beautiful "garden trail" for our first annual Garden and Craft Sale.  We are setting up our tables amongst the trees and garden ornaments and selling our wares.  Mine, of course, are mostly cross-stitch, doll clothes and other crafty items.  Kelly is selling potted perennials, Joann has her reclaimed fabric bags and totes and Sharee has her gourd creations.  There may be a few other crafters joining in also.  Hopefully the weather will be as glorious as it is today.

Just a slight nip in the air and bright sun.  The terrariums should be OK.

My latest finish is Prairie Schooler #159 "Fall Fields".
I'm still undecided as to what type of bow to put on this wreath.  Just a little something to cover up the ends of the cat-tails.  Any suggestions?

Then there are the bake-sale items.  A distinct pumpkin theme going on here...........

Even Carmella is trying to help.  She's on a break at this point.

Wish me luck with the sale!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Color Purple

The weather is still warm enough for things to bloom, and this time of year it seems all the purple things are coming out.

Including some "nail art".  I can't wear fancy clothes or jewelry to work, so I have to find another outlet for my artistic nature.
There are a few orange things making their appearance too.  My selection of teeny-tiny pumpkins.  I have to head out to the flea market tomorrow to find some larger ones for my Autumn display. 

I had planned to go to the Wool Festival this weekend, but finances are just not looking good for that to happen.  I have some money in my PayPal account from etsy sales, so i did a little on-line retail therapy the form of some lovely pieces of felt in shades of yellow & orange and a set of 7 different brown shades.  Ah, I just can't escape my obsession with the seasonal colors!
Pet snap of the day is our dear old Bud.  Yes he is getting quite elderly.  Joe even called me while I was away in New Jersey to say that Bud may not be here when I got back.  But all seems well, or rather as normal.  He seems no better or worse the mid August.  I am on the hunt for a heated dog bed for him.  He absolutely hates coming inside or being "trapped" anywhere (Joe had suggested our laundry room).  Bud loves our barn and Joe has cut a whole in the side of it and it has become the giant doghouse!  Last year a large pile of straw and blankets were suitable because it was a mild Winter.  I don't know what is predicted for this year, so better safe then sorry with the heated dog bed.

It is a regular craft-a-palooza around here this weekend.  On the 22nd my neighbor is hosting a big Garden/Craft Sale.  I really have quite a bit for my display table.  I hope the weather holds out.
Hoping everyone has an enjoyable weekend.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Summer is officially gone.  Not that you could tell by the 87 degrees F day out there.  The thunder storm clouds are rolling in and I can sense the change.  As most of you are well aware, I don't do well with change.  I do love the change of seasons, but it brings on this melancholy feeling.  A sense of time passing too quickly, of things that must be left behind, commitments that must be met.  Tonight we start back to the Fall training schedule at the gym.  Though I am happy to see all my girls again after three weeks, I do miss the peaceful time spent here at home.

Again I managed to 'survive' the visit to my childhood home in New Jersey.  I work myself into such a frenzy over this every year and every year I manage to accomplish so much there and help my parents with so many things.  I always leave there with that dreaded sense of change again, because after the first few anxiety-filled days I get into the habit of living in their house again.  I become part of their daily routine, now regimented by the schedule of pill-taking and doctor's appointments.  I think they welcome my "interruption" in that lifestyle.  I bring them back to a time when it was just school, the grocery store, library, and a TV set that was only tuned in to baseball or the daily stock market report.  But as soon as I had settled in there a bit, it was time to come home.  I immediately poured my nervous energy into crafting some new terrariums.  These two are a tribute to my love of the seaside.  I didn't get to "The Shore" this time around.  My mother's health doesn't allow her to get out much, so we bypassed that annual trip to my aunt and uncles house at the beach.

I comfort myself also with my "therapy" of knitting socks.  The 'round and 'round repetitive nature of knitting socks is so soothing to me.

The daily life of my bird friends is changing too.  I filled up the hummingbird feeders one last time.  They love the sugar-water I put out, but soon it will be time for them to move on and I don't want them to linger here too long into Autumn.  This lovely Goldfinch enjoys his treats too.

The season also brings about the harvest.  Although we are not a large working farm, we get our share of veggies.  Mostly tomatoes ans cucumbers this year.

Joe planted four rows of sweet white corn and had a bit of success with that.

I missed my sweet animals so much for the 9 days I was away.  The one who missed me most of all was Roy.  He is always calling for me to come and play or give him some treats.  He is one of the most talkative cats I've ever had.

I strive to enjoy these pleasant days of Indian Summer.  I think of Autumn crafting and yes, even Christmas gift-making.  The Midwest Wool Festival is coming up on the 15th and 16th and I hope to post some photos of that next time.