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I probably could have come up with a better title for this post, couldn't I? I've have so many ideas and themes running around in my head and it's been forever since I last posted, I just couldn't nail it down to one topic. Actually been stitching a bit. I am obsessed with vintage skeleton keys lately. Unfortunately, so seems to be the rest of the World! They are very hard to find and rather expensive when you do. I bought three from Etsy at about $3 a piece. That seemed pretty reasonable, considering I saw some there for 4 to 5 times that price! I seem to remember my grandfather having and old Savarin Coffee can filled with these things and now they are up for sale on Etsy and eBay! I went to our local (Caesar's Creek) flea market last weekend and really hit the jackpot. I have a running list of certain things I am always on the look-out to buy. 1) Ceramic frogs. Not just statues, but the seated frog with his mouth wide open to hold the dish sponge. I have quite a collection of these little fellows in all different colors. Apparently, this was a very popular ceramic mould for beginner students. 2) Vintage sewing supplies. Actually any sewing or cross-stitch supplies will do....and vintage patterns too. 3) 1/12 scale dollhouse items. And new to my list is Item #4-Vintage skeleton keys.
So here it is. JACKPOT!! A little bit of everything. The huge sewing kit was $5, all contents included.
The keys were $1 each from a huge selection ( I actually went back this weekend and got 5 more). A lovely orange frog and a little brown frog who is a bank. A rather old-looking rooster who is perfect for my dollhouse chicken coop. Here's a shot of him with the whole flock.

As for stitching.................a few little ornaments using the skeleton keys.And taaa-daaa the Susanna Goose tombstone from Carriage House Samplings, finally done up as I had envisioned it. I must give credit to Joe for finding all the wood scraps in correct sizes and thicknesses, and for cutting and assembling my dream piece. I painted it with a "spray stone" paint from Wal Mart.

A have a "knitty finish" in the form of these children's socks. On-line Superocke 100 yarn Holiday color#1002.
We ate the first watermelon from our own garden yesterday. It was a bit small but it is the first ever watermelon I have grown! The Lemon Cucumbers are producing well, but we're still waiting on the Striped Roma tomatoes.
Here's the pet snap of the day. This little guy showed up at the neighbor's house on July 19th. At first they called him Lowell, but that has since been changed to Blacky. I am guessing he is about 5 or 6 weeks old. It's hard to keep me away from him. We are trying to get him to allow us to pet him, but no luck yet. He is very friendly and verbal and will wind around my legs and come up to my hand, but that's about it so far. Of course I would love to have him at my house, but he is much safer where he is. The neighbor's are more "dog people" so I go down there every day to bond with Blacky. I know my Roy and Carmella would chase the poor little guy into the street, so he will be my "foster cat" at the neighbor's house where he is much further away from the road. Welcome, Blacky!!