Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Importance of Being Modern

I've never liked very much being modern. I much prefer to live in an old fashion world with old fashioned things. But as I ponder the wonderousness of my new phone I wonder how modern I really can become.
I resisted for so many years getting a cell phone. Then when I finally got one 2 years ago, I managed to promptly lose it at the airport after only one month. Then a few weeks ago my cell phone carrier decided that I needed a mandatory upgrade. Those two words alone bring terror to my heart. Mandatory. Upgrade.
 It's taken me a full three weeks to figure out all the features of the phone, & I am sure there are many I still haven't found yet. Last night I was amazed to find that this phone has saved over 1500 of my old photos via Google Chrome.  I assume these are photos that I've posted somewhere on the internet. But it was a little scary seeing all of those faces and places come suddenly back onto the phone screen. A phone that I had just met apparently has known me for nearly a decade.  There it all was in bright living color. The family gatherings, the holidays, and sadly all those dearly departed pets.
 It is that time of year anyway. When I start to ponder things past and things future. Start to make plans for the garden, and the clean up after the "winter of our discontent". To see all these old friends and familiar sights was very comforting in the freezing cold.
But I think I'm far too attached to my new phone friend. So I put him down for a little bit to think about the present day. Christmas and New Years have long since passed and even Valentines Day has passed me by again very much unnoticed. So my creativity and crafting has now set its mind on Saint Patrick's Day.
I give you the green collection.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Can I?

Can I? Can I actually post to my blog through my new fancy phone? Can I actually post to my blog while speaking into my fancy phone? This is absolutely against everything I came to blogging for. It's driving the cats crazy. They can't understand why I'm talking into this little box while I'm' watching it type right on the screen. I'm not even going to attempt to post pictures. I'm going to press pause and wait and see what happens.