Sunday, January 6, 2013


Oh no, don't look away; don't tune out.  I know, another post about New Year's Resolutions.  But I promise some interesting photos ( since I finally figured out the glitch with posting them) and some Downton Abbey goodies.  Now Downton Abbey....there's something we can all agree on.  The countdown is going on at my house right now.  I'm giving Joe his fill of football so I can switch to PBS at 9 on the dot.  I don't want to miss a second.
As for those resolutions.  Firstly, I'm not even going to mention anything about my weight.  I haven't given up, but the more I think/talk about it the worse it seems to get.  So instead I've devoted my resolution list to all stitchy/knitty, crafty things.
This pile of American Girl doll leotards has nothing to do with my resolutions.  This is the re-stock for my Etsy shop.  I actually sold out of leotards shortly before Christmas.  I don't think I will ever be able to make my living solely from Esty sales but I was able to make a tidy little sum to be reinvested into someone else's Etsy shop!
Resolution #1  To make at least one new Downton Abbey inspired outfit for my 16" fashion dolls each month of 2013.

Here is my take on Lady Grantham's 1913 brown velvet number.
Resolution #2  Knit one pair of socks each month of 2013.  These rainbow stripes were finished right before Christmas, so I can't count them.
This pair was just finished last night.  "Sprinkles" from the Etsy seller Knits in Class.  I think my mom will get these for her birthday on the 17th.
Resolution #3  Cross-stitch one ornament per month.  Not necessarily Christmas, but any seasonal theme to expand my stash of ornaments and little "pillows" to put on wreaths.  Notice there is no photo to go with this resolution.  I have yet to get started on this.
On the reading list is this pile of seed catalogs.  It's even expanded a bit since this photo was taken.  Hardly into Winter and already I am thinking about the veggies and flowers I will plant in the Spring.
As odd as it seems. I do enjoy the cold weather.  It's rather labor-intensive to keep this place warm, but the cold weather keeps the cats close by.  No one wants to stay out for more then 15 minutes tops!
Back to the drawing board to sketch up a few more patterns for my Downton Abbey doll clothes.  Can't wait to see the new season!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Darn It!!!

I had quite a bit I wanted to share, but I'll be back later when the "insert photo" thingy is working again.