Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble, Gobble!

Too bloated to blog..............maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

System Restore

As much as I hate using cliche computer terms, those two simple words seem to have cured the computer...if only temporarily. I am sure the whole sorry bucket of wires and will end up in the trash very soon; at least for now it is allowing me to navigate the Internet and visit some blogs. All the nice Autumn and Winter needlework going on out there in Blogland! I am so impressed, and bit jealous. I've been whiling away the off hours mostly with socks. There are actually a few finishes to show this time.
As promised in the last post, here's a view of the finished Beth Tweddle gymnastics cross-stitch. Then there are two new pairs of socks that are destined as Christmas gifts for two sisters! I am sure they will guess who they are and the surprise will be ruined. Oh well, I owe them both big-time and these socks are just a small token of my appreciation. The first pair is Red Heart "Heart & Sole" in Spring Stripe. The other pair are knitted of Jawoll from eBay in what I will call "Countryside Competition" colors. This brings my total to 26 pairs completed in the one year since I have learned to knit socks.
Been tea-dying some linen lately and have done up a few little Prim cross-stitch items. I'll save those for next time though. Too busy enjoying the rather warm (61 F) weather today to stop and take any photos. Snow is predicted for Thanksgiving, which I am soooooo looking forward to. Made it through a week at the gym that I termed "Disaster Week" with none of the previously predicted disasters. One still looms on the horizon, but again it is an issue beyond my control. So I will bury my head in the sand a bit longer on that one and hope for the best. With great satisfaction I run that red ink line through each day on the calendar as it passes. All my life I have considered myself a doom and gloom sort of person. Always seeing the brutal reality of things; the glass as half empty. But I have recently discovered that deep down inside (under the layers of York Peppermints and cookie dough) I am really a very hopeful person. I think I'll just go with that for a little while.............................

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quick, Before It Croaks!

Trying to get a post in here before this computer finally gives out it's last choking breath. It's been misbehaving for about two weeks now. Everytime I turn it on some sort of "System Defragmenter" program pops up. I know it's just spam trying to get me to buy something and steal my credit card info. Good luck with that one spammers. You'll get one hour of wild abandon in Cleveland with the credit I've got left. Anyway, along with the constant pop-ups from those jokers I get the big yellow triangle with the ! inside it telling me "hard drive missing". Well damn it, then what's this big piece of machinery sitting next to me then!?!? Then there is that sad little red heart with the X inside warning me of impending doom should I not download a virus program immediately. On top of all that it continues to eat random files, mess with my precious photos and simply refuse to operate any of the "holes" on the front of the computer i.e: memory card reader, the plug to my camera, the CD player etc.
As the planets seemed to have aligned for the last 30 minutes I am giving a valiant attempt at posting some new photos. I'll save the rambling, wordy news for another day. Who knows how much time I have to post the photos before the the whole thing crashes and burns.

So here goes:
HALLOWEEN:Carriage House Samplings tombstone set.


At the gym (I'm Raggedy Ann)
MelSammyCoal(and rat friend)

Blacky, allowing himself to be petted.
I don't think Roy got into any photos this time.

NEXT TIME (if there is a next time!)
Latest pair of socks. Red Heart Heart & Sole "Spring Stripes".
Latest cross-stitch finish. Gymnast Beth Tweddle of Great Britain.