Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Has (FINALLY!) Sprung

As anxious as I am to get outside into nicer weather, I do love the company of my lap friends.  Old Twinsy, the neighbor cat., has become our full-time pet.  I imagine he is about 16 or 17 years old, maybe older.  He is 99% an indoor boy now.  Coal takes up most of the picture (as he does in real life).  He is dominant cat and has taken over the leadership position since our sweet Sammy passed away over two years ago.

My outdoor buddy is always Mel.  She spent the afternoon following me around the yard while I took photos of all the blooming splendor.

Then she took a little break......... 
Upstairs in the attic room the seedlings are doing their thing getting ready to go out into the garden in a few weeks. I am trying to grow some "profitable crops" this year....tomatoes, pumpkins, various squashes.  It seems everyone at work has gone on some sort of organic/vegetarian/low carb diet and they will be in need of my produce soon.

My other "profitable crop" is coming off the knitting needles.  A pair of soft cotton blend mens socks from Debroah Norville Serenity Sock yarn.  In reality I don't think I have actually sold more then 4 pairs out of the over 40 pairs of socks I've knitted since I first learned how in November 2008.  The rest seem to make their way as gifts to various relatives and friends around the world.  
I guess with tax time upon us I am consumed with thoughts of making money from what I love to do.  Unfortunately passion very rarely translates to profit!  I bounce from one project to the next.....a few doll leotards here, a cross-stitch gymnast there.  Not nearly enough to derive my entire "living" from my handiwork.  I don't think I could give up gymnastics anyway.  Not that I will become wealthy from that either.  Another "passion rather then profit" pursuit!
I have always been driven by my heart rather then my head anyway...............................