Sunday, October 19, 2014

September and October Happiness

Let me write only of the happy things of my life.  Too much time and energy in September and October have been spent on sadness and worry.  I certainly would not call this wasted time, since the worry is over my parents, particularly my mothers health.  But so much time has passed me by in this perpetual state of anxiety, depression and panic.
September and October are my favorite months.  The training groups are set at the gym and there are no competitions yet to take up my weekends.  The colors are a collection of all my favorite browns, golds and oranges.  The temperature has gone down, but not so low that I must hide inside.
So I share with you a collection of recent photos of my beloved house and land and my sweet, loving cats.


Contrary to popular myth, black cats do not like to pose with pumpkins!  I wondered why they would, since there is no pleasant smell of meat of fish associated with a pumpkin......

Deuce cats don't much like to pose with pumpkins either

Coal and Roy

 There are two "visitor cats" of late. Both and white and equally as scared of me. The first guy sits on my patio table, waiting for a snack.  I see him almost every night and just today he has made a daylight appearance.
The other guy I saw at the neighbor's house when I went to drop the trash in their dumpster.  Both look pretty healthy and well- cared for and quite willing to pose for photos, at a respectable distance of course.

September is now long over and October is moving towards it's end.  Though they have not been the most pleasant or productive two months for me I will still be sad to see them go.