Monday, May 18, 2015

A Walk In The Park

I try to take a little stroll every day. My sweet cat friends follow along. They walk with me like dogs! On rare ooccasions I can get ALL FIVE to hang out with me.  All have such unique personalities and there is usually some "clashing of views"

The older I get, the more I feel a closeness with Nature.  I appreciate these Spring days even more after such a cold Winter.  Everything is blooming and growing. The little veggie patch is in.  The sunflower and pumpkin seeds are scattered in random spots.  Two families of Barn Swallows have nested with us this year. One in the barn (of course) and one on the porch. They have taken over the abandoned Peewee nest from last year.
In my ongoing struggle with technology I am trying to "disconnect" a bit more,  In the past it was pen versus keyboard.  Now it is laptop versus phone.  Now matter how far technology advances and insists on making things "easier" for me, the more I find myself wanting to go backward.  The words and thoughts just don't seem to flow properly through the tiny light-up keyboard of my phone.  Even the laptop will never be as smooth as the pen, in my opinion.  As much as I would love to blog every day, I find myself returning more and more to my journal.  Yes, plain old paper and pen.
I should also be returning to some plain old needle and thread too!  There are half-finished projects scattered all over the place.  I just can't seem to settle on anything.
My American Girl doll clothes sale is running again this week at the gym.  I have a Christening gown to complete for my neighbor, and two friends from the gym want chairs recovered.  If only I could make a living with all this sewing!
Today is steamy and cloudy and full of mosquitoes.  A good day to pull out the "Idea Book" personal forerunner of Pinterest....and see what's next up in the world of cross-stitch, knitting and dolly fashions.