Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pepper's Easter

 Once again I made the stress-filled trek to New Jersey to visit my parents.  I don't usually go at this time of year, but I'm trying to get out there more often.  The health situation of my mother is not improving and my dad gets a bit overwhelmed constantly caring for her.  Although she is able to physically do many things for herself, the emotional effects of the Parkinson's Disease have but stress on both my mother and father.  I was also so glad to see my friend Pepper again.  Although I miss her terribly, I know she absolutely loves it at Mom and Dad's house.  She has her set routine (as I was informed by my father on several occasions) that is not easily altered, even by a visitor.

Although we didn't do much "touring" or visiting of relatives I did go to one of my favorite spots with my dad, Corrado's Farm Market.  I bought the usual Italian specialties that my dad loves, eggplant, escarole and some baked goods.

The evenings were spent watching the Met or Yankees and giving Pepper all the attention she deserves!

I even got to spend a little time every day with my brother's cat Mel.  My brother and his family were off to California as soon as I arrived.  The timing couldn't have been better.  I got to bond with my old buddy Mel and my brother could get a little "down time" from caring for my parents.

The weather really wasn't very Spring-like but we did get outside a bit.  here's Dad with the new cat flag I brought for them.  Pepper got a new window seat from my sweet friend Nancy.

An old friend in need of a little TLC got his needed repairs.  This is the huge Hobbes doll I made for my nephew Dylan.  He is much-loved (as you can see)

.....and on his way home to my brother's house.

My next trip is planned for August.  Although I find these trip a little nerve-wracking and I miss my own home very much, I will miss you Mommy and Daddy....and you Pepper!