Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I don't know what's wrong with me lately. This time last year I was completely committed(yes, I should just end the sentence there) to my New Year's Resolution of no new stitchy, crafty, hobby stash buying. I did rather well with that, lasting well into August. The now notorious "Economic Downturn" at the end of 2008 kept things pretty well in check until shortly after Christmas. Maybe it was the little bit of holiday cash burning a whole in my checkbook; maybe it was the fact that I've had a rotten cold for nearly two weeks and needed some "comfort buying"; maybe I'm just being patriotic and stimulating the economy. Whatever it is I have gone totally crazy with the stash-buying. Magazine subscriptions, books, threads, fabrics, charts, clothing patterns, a new swimsuit. It's completely out of hand. eBay is where I commit most of my offenses. The fact that my local JoAnn Fabrics is going out of business and now had most items reduced 70% is also a major factor. Here's what I got from them this past Sunday. Look at the length of the receipt in the photo. That's 238, yes, TWO HUNDRED THIRTY EIGHT, DMC floss skeins at an amazing 13 cents each! They were out of stock on a lot of colors, but I bought one of everything they had left. I also bought 2 yards of 18 count Aida for dying at $3.99 a yard. It was the big 60 inch wide stuff off the bolt too. I got this lovely Vogue pattern for $5 ( regular price $25.00) and this pretty sheer fabric to go with the pattern for 50 cents a yard ( regular price $7.99/yard). I like view B, the middle photo, the best. The sleeveless thing just doesn't work for me anymore. This, along with a lovely summer dress pattern by Vogue and it's accompanying fabric, lining, zipper and thread will all soon make their way to my friend Larisa in Russia. Sorry to ruin the surprise Larisa, but I just couldn't resist sharing my great bargain finds. As for the eBay damage.........I got a wonderful Jantzen bathing suit for $10.00. It's navy blue with white tropical flowers and thin red piping at the armholes and leg holes. I love Jantzen suits. They are well-made and I know this style will always fit if I get it my usual size (which shall not be mentioned). I finally got back to my Monday, Wednesday, Friday lap swimming this past Monday after over a week off due to illness.
My other eBay purchase was this amazing Valdani thread collection. Twelve "Vintage Hues Sampler for Jacqueline Paton". I have no idea who Jacqueline Paton is but these threads are amazing.....and a great deal at $27 for the set (free shipping!). I discovered Valdani threads about the same time I discovered ThreadworX, the replacements for my beloved Needle Necessities. Valdanis' are 10 yards each and ThreadworX are 20 yards each. Both great for large,one-color designs, like Quaker animals or samplers.
I wrote a check today for the outrageous water bill and then rewarded myself from the quickly dwindling checking account by subscribing to "Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly". This magazine is a little pricey and I've subscribed to it on and off for about 8 years as finances allow. Finances really didn't allow it this time, but oh well............ The magazine always has great patterns and when I am through with the magazines I usually pass them on to another stitcher.

Pet snap today is Coal hiding under the mower wagon from the snow. We are getting hit with a good one this time. The kind of snow I dream of. Not that wimpy inch or so, but about 4 inches as of late afternoon. We are now being dumped on with freezing rain, but more snow is promised to accumulate on top of that. No gym tonight, but I hope it's clear enough on the roads tomorrow to get to the indoor pool for my laps. Still haven't lost an ounce, but it's become and obsession with me. Speaking of obsessions, I'll play the little game of tag from Barbara, Five Things I Am Addicted To:
1. Cats- all shapes sizes, colors...it doesn't matter. I don't know why this particular animal has such a hold on me. I love all animals, but cats are extra-special to me.
2. Chocolate-again, any shape/size/color will do.
3. Stitching-mostly cross-stitch these days, but quilting, knitting, crochet, garments (both doll and human size). I think it's genetic, so there is no cure!
4. Gymnastics-By the age of 12 it was the "moving force" in my life and that passion has never wavered.
5. Joe-my husband. Another moving force for which my passion will never waver.

Welcome to all the new visitors to my blog. I love reading all the comments from old and new friends alike.


  1. That is some terrific stash~~and it looks like you got an awesome deal on everything!!!

  2. Congrats on the stash! That was a great deal on the DMC. :) I have enjoy visiting your blog. :)

  3. Hey, we're on the same wavelength - I just bought a bathing suit (from Old Navy) the other day. I haven't bought one since I was ... sit down for this ... 19 years old. Uh huh. The last on was from Land's End and boy, it just lasted & lasted. LOL! I'm a little nervous about the new one, as I couldn't try it on, but the online sizing charts seemed very complete.

    That stash you bought, at those prices, should elevate you to some sort of Shopping Goddess. Seriously. Wow! :D

  4. Wow Jennifer you are on a shopping spree! I wish I was there I would love to go to Joanns and see what they have to offer. I love art and craft projects of all kinds just like you do I guess. It is great to buy a lot of things for real cheap as you won't need to buy again for quite some time! I love buying in bulk for real cheap!

  5. Fantastic stash shopping. I know what you mean about eBay, I have commited many a shopping offense there as well.

    Enjoy to snow, wish we had some in Texas.