Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dye-ing For A Tombstone

Too beautiful a day for such a morbid title! Today I broke out the box of RIT dyes and dyed some linen and 16 count for some of Carriage House Samplings "Tombstone Angels" series. I've had the charts for a while and always wanted to make one or two. Now I must be patient and wait for the fabric to dry. I'm switching up the thread colors a bit to coordinate with the hand-dyed fabrics. Meanwhile, the storm clouds rolled in and everything stitchy was rushed inside.....but nothing happened. A bit of thunder to drive the dog nuts, but not a drop of rain. Two hours later and the sun has come back out.

Filling the days with stitching, gardening and preparing for my parent's annual visit. They arrive on Thursday afternoon. Trying desperately to make the house presentable, or at least not the giant litter box/laundry basket that it usually is. Also stocking up on some of their favorite foods. I love to cook and my father is one of the biggest fans of my food.

I am trying to set some "Summer Goals". Now, there are two words that really should not be placed next to each other! I do want to be productive though. My schedule changes at the gym when we go back on 8 June. Later in the evenings, but with Fridays off. So I have designated Friday as "Sewing Machine Day". Had the garage-sale Singer out for a while last week. Worked on some 18" doll clothes. The poor 16" fashion lovelies will have to wait a bit longer for their new wardrobe. In the stitchy "done pile" is French Sampler by Denis Chabault. Finally after three years and several airline trips this beauty is finished. I'm really pleased with the results. Thank you, Barbara Ana for loaning me the chart. My other "done" is the revamp of the vintage Howdie Doodie puppet for Joe's friend. He was very satisfied with my work. I have a little pair of cowboy boots on order from the doll supply place to complete his total look.

The vegetable garden is coming along well. There is even the chance of sharing a bit of my own 2 acre field. Yes, the local farmer has decided to put corn in there this year. Somehow he forgets to ask us and just plows away. Oh well, it is just wasted land and at least I will have corn stalks for my Autumn display. He has graciously allowed me a 10 foot by 80 foot strip to put in pumpkins. The numbers just don't do it justice. The area is HUGE...... enough space for me to plant several varieties without them intermingling and becoming some odd hybrid of pumpkin. My two favorite are "One-Too-Many" and "Jarrahdale". I'll try to dig up some photos of these two. One is at Johnny's Selected Seeds and the other at J.W. Jung Seed Company. The only thing that isn't growing very well are my transplanted Hens and Chicks. I wonder why?

Rather belated Happy Birthday wishes to Barbara. Thanks Barbara for your good advice, treasured friendship and joyous spirit.
Looking forward to the rest of this week and the peace and quiet of my Spring Break. Hope you can kick your shoes off and enjoy some of the same.


  1. Your French Sampler is beautiful, congrats on the lovely finish! I had to laugh at your title...my newest project is Coffin Buzz by Plum Stree Samplers ;)

  2. I have been wondering about you...apparently I have a wordpress address for you and not your blogspot? I don't know but I'm glad you commented on my blog today so that I could reconnect with you! So I've read through a lot of your posts since the beginning of the year and am happy that you finished your CHS stocking...this is one project I'd love to tackle someday soon! Was it a quick stitch? Seems like you flew through it! And although it is an abbreviated version...I think it lovely! And your cat that came and went...I hope that he is well! All your photos of your plant swap party, your neighbors recreation animals :) and everything else is just wonderful! I loved learning about the Russian royals and looking at their photos and am so happy that I've got you loaded properly in my blog reader again! Have a great week!

  3. Beautiful sampler. That is wonderful you finished your stocking. I wish I could say the same. Yesterday, we had hail and damaging winds. I can't wait to see your CHS tomy progress.

  4. Actually I have enjoyed kicking my shoes off, thanks! LOL!! Thanks for the birthday wishes, too. :)

    Your French Sampler is so pretty. But Howdie Doodie has captured my full attention. I was actually very scared of him as a kid, but sometime in adulthood, he suddenly became very likable and it's not uncommon to hear me murmuring "It's Howdie Doodie time..." under my breath. LOL!

  5. Wonderful finish!
    And it's so nice to see outside pictures! :)

  6. What a super sampler finish!!! It is just beautiful!! Love the fabric you dyed.

  7. Hi Jenniferr,
    The French sampler is really great!!!!

    Nice pictures of tne outdoors, how sweet the sleeping cats picture.
    Jen, i was wondering if you received my last emails???
    The ones about the Mary Wigham quaker sal???
    Lots of fun dye-ing and stitching LOL!!!!

  8. Your French Sampler is beautiful, congratulations!! Thank you for sharing the other photos too, it's always great to see photos from the outside too.