Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quick, Before It Croaks!

Trying to get a post in here before this computer finally gives out it's last choking breath. It's been misbehaving for about two weeks now. Everytime I turn it on some sort of "System Defragmenter" program pops up. I know it's just spam trying to get me to buy something and steal my credit card info. Good luck with that one spammers. You'll get one hour of wild abandon in Cleveland with the credit I've got left. Anyway, along with the constant pop-ups from those jokers I get the big yellow triangle with the ! inside it telling me "hard drive missing". Well damn it, then what's this big piece of machinery sitting next to me then!?!? Then there is that sad little red heart with the X inside warning me of impending doom should I not download a virus program immediately. On top of all that it continues to eat random files, mess with my precious photos and simply refuse to operate any of the "holes" on the front of the computer i.e: memory card reader, the plug to my camera, the CD player etc.
As the planets seemed to have aligned for the last 30 minutes I am giving a valiant attempt at posting some new photos. I'll save the rambling, wordy news for another day. Who knows how much time I have to post the photos before the the whole thing crashes and burns.

So here goes:
HALLOWEEN:Carriage House Samplings tombstone set.


At the gym (I'm Raggedy Ann)
MelSammyCoal(and rat friend)

Blacky, allowing himself to be petted.
I don't think Roy got into any photos this time.

NEXT TIME (if there is a next time!)
Latest pair of socks. Red Heart Heart & Sole "Spring Stripes".
Latest cross-stitch finish. Gymnast Beth Tweddle of Great Britain.


  1. Looks like you guys had fun for Halloween. I hope that the computer problems get straightened out.

  2. I love seeing piccies of your "menagerie"!! Please computer, hang in there!!!

  3. Jennifer, thanks for your comment in my blog. I am glad you see I use the stamps you shared with me - they are cute. But I use them again and more...
    Loove your cats - mostly Coal - he looks like a black panther on the photo. But all cats are nice of course.)))
    Our cat Kuzya is ill now - the vet doctor said he has a food allergy on meat, and I don't give the meat him for a monthe already. But nothing is better. Then that was said to give Kuzya 3 injections... The first one is given a week ago. I am really sorry for our little cat.. He dislikes to go to

  4. I love the tombstone set!

    Have you installed a spyware program? That may help clean up all the junk. Spybot ( is free and works for us. My daughter's computer crashed because of some spam and I had to go into the safe mode to run the spyware and virus programs but all is well now.

  5. Oh computers! Mine is also getting very difficult, and then it will suddenly work fine for awhile, and then ... Grrr.

    Love seeing the furbaby pictures!

  6. Haven't you been happily busy! I loved seeing all the pictures. :)