Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Starting From Square One

My computer has had a complete and total breakdown.  Once again my husband has brought in a mysterious "friend-of-a-friend" to repair it.  After three days of tearing the computer apart, trips to Best Buy taking several hours each time, and many "pieces that just wouldn't fit back in", I have a somewhat shaky and sporadic connection the Internet. It takes three or four tries just to get the thing to start up, the mouse frequently gets stuck and Facebook totally refuses to acknowledged that fact that I have Windows XP, so no Chat.  As for photo uploads, well there are no photos left in my computer to upload.  EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, is gone.  Photos, e-mail address, passwords, favorite websites.  I'm beginning to think this computer guy is related to the friend-of-a-friend who worked on our plumbing.  We now have a garden house that only expells hot water.
So in a way this is a totally useless post.  More of a test or an experiment rather then anything of real substance.  Time to press the "publish" button and see what, if anything, will happen............................

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