Sunday, November 20, 2011


Wanting so much to blog in the last month or so, but my computer has been so uncooperative.  Wanting to share what I see outside and craft inside. 
 Wanting to reconnect with old firends and discover new ones.  Wanting to view all your blogs and make some comments.  Wanting to open myself up to the world of the productive again. Wanting to coach and thrive in my secret little gymnastics world.

Having the time, energy and creativity restored to me to make a few little things. 
Having people appreciate them  and even buy them from my Etsy shop. 
 Having so many dear, sweet, loyal and patient friends and FINALLY being able to see them again!
 Having a moment to stand on the Balance Beam and look out across my special world of gymnastics. 

Blurry..trembling with excitement!


  1. Jennifer, it is really great to see you happy again around your friends and the gymnastics)))
    Love your soft cakes))) They look so yummi))
    Love Larisa. xx