Monday, December 31, 2012

As The Year Draws To A Close......

...I avoid the numerous "Year In Review" TV shows.  I just can't stand them.  So much sadness in the World in 2012.  But so much beauty in my own little world.  More snow is predicted for tonight and I must admit this gives me such a childish delight!  New Year's Eve is my least favorite holiday so I will be happy to stay at home.

Meanwhile, indoors............  Carmella admires my most recent Etsy purchase.  I've been doing rather well in my sales of little doll leotards in my Etsy shop.  So much so that I've been turning around my profits into purchases from other sellers, most often sock yarn.  I have my eye on a few more that are on "New Years' Sale" today.
A bit of crafting going on to.  My continuing love affair with felt.....these snowmen are from a kit my mother sent me many years ago.  Seeing as they were just heads I had to find an interesting way to display them.  Lime green and aqua blue seems to be all the rage this year.

Another pair of socks is on the needles and I have several pieces of fabric laid out for doll clothes.  My 2013 goal is to make my 16" fashion dolls a Downton Abbey wardrobe.
Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year 2013!!

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  1. Everything is beautiful, Jennifer! :)

    I love New Year's Eve - it's always been one of my favorites - but I never go out. I stay in and invite those I enjoy most to celebrate the turning of the year in a relaxed and jolly manner.