Friday, March 29, 2013

Trees or Eggs

Just a few days ago I woke up to this.....
...and the strange urge to put up the Christmas tree!   Winter has lingered long and hard around here.  I love the snow, but I'm really need some quality outdoor time.
This morning was a bit different.  The sun was bright (after an amazing huge RED full moon last night) and the temps actually have made it up into the low 50s.                           

These tiny little daffodils were poking out of the front flower bed and a few lovely purple crocuses were up in the side beds.  Lovely Mocha made her appearance after being a no-show for 24 hours.  I worry about her.  She's nearly nine years old and has lived all her life as a barn cat.....a neutered barn cat, but  an outdoor kitty none-the-less.  She makes full use of the barn, upstairs and down, has tons of straw, food and water and many, many hiding places.  Well, she must have found one of those places yesterday.  I found the large "perpetual feeder" dumped over and emptied as well as two of the lawn chairs tossed over.  I know the raccoons and possums frequent the cat food offerings, but they usually aren't so destructive.

Carmella(below) also enjoys her outdoor time in the sun.  She more then any other of the "house cats" loves to be outside.

The sunny weather made my visions of sugarplums and candy canes fade away and I went to work on some eggs.  These are Prairie Schooler book #169 "Folk Eggs".  Don't know how they will be finished up yet.  Stitching has ground to a halt as I am totally out of DMC 3863 and the half-hour trek to Hobby Lobby or JoAnn Fabrics seems a bit of a waste for only that one item.

My ongoing obsession with Pinterest has yielded this vintage beauty. I love how the Victorians gave animals such human characteristics. 
May the Blessing and Joy of Easter touch all of you!

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  1. Our spring has also been marred by frequent snowfall and cold weather. I suspect it will just make spring all the sweeter when it finally comes. ;)