Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Five Years Already!?

It's hard to believe that it's been five years since I found those three little kittens by the side of the road.  A brother and his two sisters.

They went off to the Vet in hopes of adoption.  How did I ever think back then that those cats would not eventually be MINE!!  The little muted tortoise-shell sister found a home with the lady who runs the local dollhouse shop.  Kitties name is now Gracee.

Roy and Carmella came home with me on 22 November 2008.

Roy, my shy boy, is now the sturdiest cat I have.  He even weighs more then his mentor, Coal.

Carmella is my independent girl.  She loves to be outside and it's often a struggle to get her back in at night.

Roy loves to be outside too, but he stays close to me. 

 Mel sets off on her own and usually goes into the shed or off for a walk in the back field.

Here are the brother and sister this morning, following me out back

Joe has cut us a nice "maze" in the field for hiding and hunting.

When we get all the way to the end of the field, this is our view of the house.

Inside the house there has been a bit of stitching going on.  I think this little "Hornbook Angel" has taken me at least 5 years to complete (still not there, but maybe by tonight).  Not sure how I will finish up this one.  It sort of looks like a tombstone to me.
Then there is the lovely Vanessa Ferrari, champion Italian gymnast.  I have been involved in the sport for over 35 years and Ferrari's Olympic Floor Exercise performance is the ONE AND ONLY gymnastics routine that my father has ever watched!!!  Maybe this one will end up being his Christmas present.
Ah Christmas, dare I even think about it?  I did have a rather pleasant conversation with my mother yesterday.  I waited her out for nearly two weeks, restraining myself from calling there to check on them.  That seems to be the method to follow.  When I call there it is just a litany of complaints, snide comments or just a down-right shut down.  She'll say she is too tired to talk to me and my father is too busy.  Yesterday I talked with both of them for nearly 45 minutes and all was sunshine and flowers.  Things get harder and harder to predict back home in NJ.  So I will thrive on the joy I got out of yesterday's chat and treasure the moments I have here in my peaceful place with my beloved kitties.

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  1. Seriously? You are involved with gymnastics? So cool! DD was a gymnast and a ballet dancer when she was little. She had to choose between the two when she was around 12 or 13 and chose ballet. Love your stitching. And I love learning about your cats!!! They are such sweeties! Isn't it amazing how they become such a part of our families?