Monday, April 6, 2015

Cat Collage!

The black boys Deuce, Coal, Roy and Simon.
All who have been at this house (some for just a little while) this past year. Mel, Roy, Deuce, Coal, GW, Houdini, Mocha, Simon and Jinxy.

The current residents: Roy, Simon, Mocha, Deuce, Coal and Mel.
I made a collage of just Roy, my special boy.

Poor Roy got left out of this collage (part of the reason he got his own, above).
Houdini, Mocha, Deuce, Simon, Mel, GW, Jinxy and Coal.

Just in case you haven't had enough cats.......Mel, Deuce, Mocha, Simon and Roy & Coal together.

...and the varieties of woodpeckers that come to my yard.

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