Tuesday, February 23, 2016

In A New Direction

Last week's bitter cold and snow has turned to milder temperatures and a strange big yellow ball in the sky that emits heat!  What is that thing?  THE SUN, at last!!  As the weather moves in a new direction, so does my crafting.  The cross-stitch has been seen in months and felt crafting has taken over.  Even the doll clothes and the sock knitting have taken a back seat to this obsessive little venture.

Last year it was donuts.  The past few weeks I am on to Swiss Roll Cakes.  The Japanese seem to have cornered the market on amazing books on this topic.  Some of the sweets I recognize and some are native Japanese and I have no idea what they are.

They are completed with the proper icing, sprinkles, nuts, whipped cream and candies and are set up in my ,Etsy shop

Now on to other things that need my attention!

1 comment:

  1. It is cold and snowy. Here it is sunny and never snowy (sigh)! Love the rolls!
    A stitcher from Portugal