Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Full Circle

So what is it that's put me in such a good mood? The fact that I can finally post photos here again? Yes, sort of. I give more credit to this though.............

and these lovely ladies.

Quite a few stitchy photos to show too. Here's a collection of WIP items on the sewing chair. Some half-finished doll clothes and a little knitted hat in the background, a few Prairie Schooler ornaments and a little freebie bird from a French website.
Of course the pets always put me in a good mood too. Roy and Carmella are just loving every minute of living with us and it's hard to imagine them living anywhere else but here. They have both gotten bigger and a lot stronger just by having so much more room to run around and play. They spend several hours a day wrestling or playing with all the recycled cat toys. Then they spend an equal amount of time napping in all the newly discovered places, but most likely the couch or the bed.

A little "holiday warmth" to share with you. Our main heating source, the wood-burning stove in our living room. Luckily we also have a good supply of wood, courtesy of Joe.
Ok, enough already with all the photos! I've run out of stuff to post for today. Is this what the hip young people call "over-sharing"!?


  1. Well, I don't know the lingo of hip youngsters, but I don't feel you 'overshared'. ;) It's great to hear you sounding so upbeat. Yay! :D

  2. Thanks for sharing all these nice pictures . Oh oh , your spoiling the kitties :-))) ( thats what kitiies are for don't?

    just love your stitching

    By reading your post , we can almost "see" you smiling :-)))

    Love nicole

  3. It's so good to see a post from you! All the pics look great~~and look at all of your fabulous stitching!

    That's terrific you have such a good supply of wood...stay warm and toasty :)

  4. Great pictures!! Looks like Roy and Carmella have found the perfect home!

  5. What great pictures - Thank you so much for the super RAK!!! I really love your WIP - I have that reindeer freebie and need to get to him before the holidays are over!!. I so admire your sticking to the blog and trying out the different ones - I think I would have had a major meltdown by now!! Is the header photo your place in Ohio?

    Have a great weekend!!


  6. your students are terrific, and your cats so sweet.I love your stitching ,PS is easy and so nice for Christmas.

  7. Love the pictures. You are such a savior to those kitties. They love you for it.

    Lots of great stitching too. Keep up the good work.