Sunday, March 29, 2009

Coming Around

Coming back around to "blogland" a bit. Firstly, I was so shocked to read about the passing of Edgar and Rico's beloved dog Hunny. My heart is with you friends. I know what a sorrow this is. As you can see here, Joe made a lovely stone for Alix. He got her birth-year wrong and was pretty upset about that( It's 1992 not '93). But I wasn't. He was under a lot of stress, handling the whole situation by himself. Here's the last photo of Alix and me together. This was taken the Thursday before she died. As you can see she looks in pretty good shape. She went downhill very rapidly over the weekend, but I guess that was for the best. Better that then lingering and suffering for a long time. Alix never gave me a moments trouble in all the years she was with us and even in her passing she was calm and peaceful. What a blessing.
So I move forward with Life, although I would rather sit at home a cry instead. Alix's was a life well-lived and complete. I couldn't ask for much more.
Spring is on it's way, although today was no indication of that. Cold, windy with a mix of rain and SNOW! I worry for all the little plants that have sprung up in the flowerbeds. Haven't done much stitching or crafting lately. I am slowly getting back in to it. Over the past few weeks I have started on a new quilt. I haven't made one in years. This one is called "Moon and Stars" and is made in muted olive greens, browns, grays, and mustard golds. More Autumn then Spring I'm afraid, but I love the results so far. I need to complete 20 of the moon blocks, then a large border that has the starts and smaller moons scattered on it. A more "Springy" project is Prairie Schooler's new chart "Welcome Spring". I love the look of these farm animals. It really is a throw-back to the old style Prairie Schooler...more detailed, subtle color choices. I just love 'em. I think they will make it up on to a wreath when all the animals are completed. Since this photo was taken I have completed the sheep and the pigs.
A big public THANK YOU must go out to my friend Alisha and her dad, Dave, for fixing my computer. Now I can not only view all the wonderful freebie charts on-line I can actual PRINT them as well!! I can even burn them to CD if I want to. Alisha and Dave, this means more to me then you will ever know; now that I can preserve those last photos of Alix on to CD so I will not "lose" them in this computer. Thank you also for all the wonderful, kind and comforting comments and e-mails I have gotten. I was very touched by the outpouring of love from both old friends and new-comers to my blog.
Another week at the gym stretches out before me. Need to muster up the courage to deal with the "real world" again on Monday.

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  1. Hey there Jennifer. I'm sending lots of hugs - feel them?

    Love your crafty goodness. I hope you realize how incredibly talented you are. The quilting is gorgeous - love those colors. And that's a fabulous PS design!

    Very glad you can do more with your computer now. That's great!