Friday, August 28, 2009

Stitch-Along With Me!

I'd like to start a stitch-along. Nothing formal, since this is the first SAL that I have started and I'm not familiar with the rules of this. It will be a Tombstone SAL. Any tombstone design of your choice, by any designer. I have started on Carriage House Samplings "Susanna Goose" and I need some motivation and companionship to help me get it finished. I will display my progress here on Fridays and hope you will do the same on your blog. Leave a comment to let me know if you are interested joining this SAL.

More photos to post, but again I don't want to "upset" the computer, so I'll wait next time.


  1. I'm already a failure at two SALs, so I'll skip this but I do want to say that your progress is gorgeous.

  2. I finished that one this year!!! It was such a lovely project to work on!!! It went sooo fast!!! Great progress!

  3. Like your new header photo. Good to see that you have the photo issue worked out. Will watch your progress, but I have to many things started at this time. You have a great start.