Monday, August 24, 2009


I think it's time to wave the white flag on blogging. Not that I dislike it, not at all! I love it. I love to write here and to read and comment on all your blogs. I love discovering new blogs and to view all the incredible stitching, sewing, crafting, garage-saling, family and pet photos. But that's just it. My computer simply refuses to allow me to upload any photos. I did manage to get the "dwelling place" back up on to my banner using my dad's computer. I have tons of photos from my visit to Mom and Dad's to share, but it's just not happening. That takes all the fun out of blogging for me.
On a positive note, this does give me more time to read and comment on all the other blogs I like so much.


  1. Can you upload the pictures to a say album like picsa or flickr or something and then direct people to the photo my link? Maybe???
    Or is it uploading period, no matter if it is blogger or where it is? Oh, I hope you don't surrender....

  2. It's that dial-up connection, isn't it? It was so bad at my parents' houses that I couldn't even keep up with my email - it would time out, and I'd have to start all over while my stress level just went thru the roof. Grr.

    Wish I had a good suggestion!