Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photo Crazy!!!

I have a matter of seconds to write before I have to go into the gym and coach my junior group. This hi-speed computer at work is a dream!
Very quickly.......the tombstone update.
Five Birds a Barrick Samplers freebie
A miniature carpet for the dollhouse (with assistance from the neighbor-cat Twinsy)
Mystery plant. Does anyone know what this beauty is?
and of course Pet Snaps........


  1. I love your Birds finish!! And the kitty piccies... aaaw, just keep 'm comin'!

  2. What a WONDERFUL post!! I loved seeing everything! :D

  3. I've just read your comment on Edgar's blog about The Duchess of Duke Street, and you mentioned a couple of other shows and actors so I thought I'd drop you a line!

    If you like Damian Lewis, have you seen the TV series (cancelled, sadly) called "Life"? I think he's a wonderful actor. If you can rent the DVD's, they are worth a look.

  4. What fun, to see that you were able to load a bunch of photos. Nice finish with your birds. Love to see your pets too.