Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Golden Wedding

My parent's 50th Anniversary is officially 9 November, but since they were here this past weekend we had a little party for them. It was just me, Joe, Mom and Dad. I made them a cake and planted these birthday number candles on the top. Not very chic but the cake was tasty. Spice cake with pumpkin custard filling and cream cheese icing. The main meal was a pork roast roll-up with cranberry stuffing inside, some gravy and Brussels sprouts sauteed with panceta.

The weather was wonderfully Autumn-like...not too cold, but just crisp enough to start a fire in the wood-burning stove. My mother always loves the "rustic" heat from that. The pets are loving this weather and it's hard to keep track of them all in their wanderings. After last weeks scare with Roy I keep a close eye on them. Here Carmella enjoys a moment on my lap.

The Susanna Goose tombstone is nearly finished, so I'll wait to post a photo of the final product. I did finish up this little cutie over the weekend. "Be Thankful" by Barbara Ana Designs. I love it, especially the bead detail on the Indian Corn. Barbara Ana is so innovative and a master of American-themed designs and expressions. That is a true talent for someone who doesn't have English as her native language.
The German dresses seem to be rather popular. The lady and has already sold a few and ordered more from me. I still have to keep up with the doll clothes stitching for my Christmas sale the second week of December. I'm wanting to do some serious cross-stitching, but "obligation sewing" comes first. I really shouldn't call it that because I love to stitch in any form. It is also a chance for me to make a little extra money, which will of course be spent on more stitching supplies!
P.S. Regarding Melissa's comment on my last post. Of course the water is running in the background! Did you think this was Martha Stewart's house? My usually A.D.D. coming into play. 'Hey let's wash the dishes...no wait Elliot is doing something cute...let's take a picture instead.............................'


  1. Many heartfelt congratulations to your parents on reaching a true milestone!!!

  2. What a lovely thing to do for your parents!! Doesn't Carmella look pretty!? Will write soon...

  3. Hahahaha.....That sounds like something I would do!