Thursday, November 12, 2009

Filled With Photos

The words don't come too easily to me these days, but luckily I am able to post some of photos of the most wonderful things in my life.

Yes, those are the chickens on the roof behind Carmella. How they got up there I'll never know.
Roy enjoys playing on the wood pile. Elliot prefers to bask in the sun. Coal and Sammy share a drink from the urn.
As the season changes all the garden ornaments patiently wait to be stored away for the Winter. The last of the corn waits to be harvested, and a single leaf hangs on for a little longer. That's all any of us can really do, isn't it..................


  1. Hi Jennifer. Although it's good to hear something from you, I'm sorry you sound so mournful.

  2. I'll bet Carmella is wishing she could chase those chickens... LOL! Throughly enjoying your pictures of the beasties!! Sending good thoughts your way, Jennifer!

  3. You sound very sad. Is everything going ok?

  4. Given how many cats you have those chickens are very brave.

    Love the pictures that capture the seasons changing.

    Hope the words return to you soon.