Monday, November 23, 2009

A Year In The Life..........

.....of Roy and Carmella. Really, it's hard to believe these two wonderful little cats have been with us a whole year already!
A few stitchy finishes to share. The latest gymnast creation, Shawn Johnson at the 2008 Olympics;an adorable Barbara Ana Design I finished a while ago but just now got around to "decorating" it a bit.

I had planned a long-winded, chatty post and a few more photos but I just received some very sad news. Dear, sweet Annemarie has just announced on her blog that her father is ill with terminal cancer. Please stop by and wish her well. Her heart is breaking and I know any comments and good wishes will be welcome. I'm thinking of you, Annemarie, and praying for your family.

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  1. Such a cute fall ornament, Jennifer!! The cording matches just perfectly! You are a sweetheart to mention An in your post... I have been thinking about her and her family all day!