Thursday, January 7, 2010

Turning A Corner

My life has been anything but a stable straight line lately and it seems that I have finally turned a corner. And what did I find around the bend, do you ask? Why a foot of course! The foot of a sock to be exact. I have at last taught myself how to turn the heel of a knitted sock. I have been whining and moaning over this for ages. I gently fondle all the lovely sock yarns in the needlework shops, stare at the amazing color combinations, drool over the incredible abundance that Staci produces...but no results from me. Until now! I have had this yarn forever, Lion Brand Sock-Ease in a lovely color called "Cotton Candy". Well, it was anything but "ease" for me in making this sock. Yes, it is but one sock, not even a pair. I started it on Thanksgiving so my rate of production is painfully slow. So all of you dear, sweet, generous people who were so sadly left out of my holiday gift-giving, a pair of socks may be on their way to you........some day.


  1. I once read a knitter explain sock knitting as "hard until it's easy." It's so true! And you've done the first part of the hard part (turning that heel!) The second part is getting that second one completed, LOL ;)

    Fantastic Job Jennifer!!!

  2. Congratulations, Jennifer!! I'm so jealous... LOL!!! Knitting socks is on my 'would like to learn someday' list too. Your first one is looking fabulous!

  3. I just have to reiterate what Harmien said... on my to do list too! You're my knitting hero!!
    Alas, I bought book after book and either the technique for the sock was for a style of sock I didn't like or the explanations didn't work for me... That said, I bought Polish books. I saw on Amazon lots of books about socks for beginners but I'm afraid to order. So far I can read knitting explanations in French and Polish only... need to learn the English terminology!
    Your sock looks just won-der-ful!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  4. alixe
    I'm impressed, knitting a scarf and a few cardigans for my (now grown up) baby daughter is as far as I ever got. Turning a heel looks way too complicated.

  5. That's a gorgeous heel! I'm wearing handmade socks right now from Sara and am just awed by the crafts(wo)manship!!