Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Great Day For The Danes

Not an Olympic reference, although I'm sure the Danish Team is doing well in the Winter Games. I refer to these two lovely ladies that I am dog-sitting. I walk them twice a day (separately of course!) This is Chloe. She's 8 years old, which, I am told, is rather old for a Great Dane. This is her young companion, Venus, who is 8 months old. Look at the size of those feet! Between dog-walking sessions I am still knitting socks (my sock yarn stash!)
and trying to get going on some Spring cross-stitch. I finally finished up on these Prairie Schooler Spring farm animals and put them on a little wreath. I am full of inspirational thoughts, but not much is actually getting done!

More snow today. I see on the TV that there will be "no significant accumulation". I think we must re-define 'significant' after last week's 10+ inches. It used to be an inch or two shut the whole area down for the day. Now we call this "not significant" or "a dusting". Everything is relative I suppose. Just like I used to think our Bud was a "big" dog.


  1. Awww! Doggie fun! Although walking them in all that snow...that would drive me a bit nutso! lol Your socks look great too! beautiful colors!!

  2. Wow! You are really on a sock knitting roll! Your newest pairs look wonderful...and it looks like you're doing a good job with the sock yarn stashing too!

    Love your PS wreath!