Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Color Of ....Dirt.

It seems Spring has sprung. Over 60 degrees F here today with bright sunshine. It really does me good to be outside more....or even inside looking at the outside. There are still a few small, sad patches of leftover snow, but the bulbs are beginning to sprout! A sure sign of good things to come. Bud shook off the cold and all the cats just begged to go outside and play (or nap) for a while.
Finally finished a cross-stitch piece. This is the Dutch gymnast Lieke Weavers. Most of my "hand-work" time is still taken up with my obsession with knitting socks.
A beautiful PIF arrived yesterday from Leena in Finland. A perfectly stitched humbug on a burgundy hand-dyed linen. Leena also included this fabulous skein of floss! I had completely forgotten about this PIF, which only made it all the more lovely a surprise. Thank you Leena. There was also a large RAK/de-stash envelope from Edgar last week. Thanks so much Edgar....."one man's clutter"....well you know the rest.

Another one of the sweet chickens got hit by a car last week. Now there are only three Guineas left. They are so friendly, which is what leads them to make the trek from their home up the street to our house everyday. They are just not swift enough crossing the road.

March is certainly'marching' forward! First week gone already. A friend asked me the other day if I just wanted to close my eyes and wake up some time in August and have all the recent stresses and problems be over-with. I thought for a moment and seriously considered answering a definite "YES". But my answer was "no". I do not want to wish my life away. There is something good in every day and I wouldn't want to miss those moments.


  1. Hey Jennifer - lovely post! I really enjoyed seeing pictures of the cats and of Bud. :D Sorry to hear the chickens aren't faring too well with their crossing-the-road adventures. Your socks look wonderful!

  2. Thank you for that! Yes, there is something GOOD in everyday, we just have to look for it. It has started to rain here and is to last 4 days but that's ok. We need it. It washes the trees, sky, and clears the air.

    Happy Stitching! Wonderful finish!

  3. Oh the animal photos are lovely, we have a loooong way to go until our yard looks like that, LOL. So much snow and the cats don't even look outside just yet :)

    I'm happy you like the humbug, sorry once again it was so late. Your stitched finish is great and I love the colours in your socks! Have a very, very happy day :)