Saturday, March 27, 2010

Looking To The Future??

A few posts back I waxed poetic and gave my "profound statement" on not rushing into the future and savoring each day. Then I fiddled around with the blog layout to brighten it up a bit. I even updated the banner photo. And what does it say on this photo? June 24 2037 !!! Talk about rushing into the future. Apparently, my camera does some weird date thing when I change the batteries.
Anyway, it's still March of 2010 and I'm still very much living in the moment. I finished up a few stitched pieces that were laying around. Two boxes and a soon-to-be box. The first is what I have come to call "my Quirkers".....a Quaker that I have altered with an odd-ball thread selection. This is Workbasket Quaker Frog. I just love the look on his face. I am pretty sure I haven't posted a photo of him yet, though I am far too lazy to go back in the blog archive and actually check. So here is is, perhaps again.
Then the two completed boxes: A selection of eggs from a larger Marjolien Bastin piece and Bright Birds. I love the look of the egg box (filled with candy for my mom and dad for Easter) but the feathers make it quite a challenge to get the lid on and off of the box. The Bright Birds are much more user-friendly, being trimmed with black decorative braiding.
Still knitting away on socks. The repetitive nature of this type of knitting is very relaxing to me. I have even mastered Sock Math, the ability to take different weights of yarn and different size needles and adapt my standard pattern to them. I am currently working with some worsted weight yarns from my substantial stash and making slipper-socks. A big thank you to Staci for sharing her 40 cast-on worsted weight sock pattern. I can see a big dent being made in the yarn stash with this pattern.
I even ventured back into making some clothes for my 16" fashion dolls. I am in a 1920's mood lately and here is a prototype of a Spring outfit. The blouse needs a bit more tweaking for a better fit. Although the shapes of 1920's fashion are very basic, there is a fine line between loose-fitting and down right baggy. Once I establish a basic working pattern I can branch out into various skirt styles and even some dresses and jackets. Any other fashion doll enthusiasts out there? I'd love to share patterns and ideas.

And what day would be complete without a little chocolate. I made Mexican Hot-Chocolate Cookies from the most recent issue of Everyday Food. If you haven't browsed through this little magazine yet, usually at the grocery check-out lane (I subscribe), it is definitely worth a look. I find at least three recipes in each issue that I use over and over. These cookies are supposed to be for my dad as part of his Easter gift, but they are slowly dwindling!
Roy and Carmella went to the Vet this morning for their annual shots. What an ordeal. They hate to be put in the carrying case. I don't blame them. These are the brother and sister cats that were part of that group of three kittens I found on the roadside in October 2008. Obviously being put and a box and driven somewhere is not their favorite thing. They also spent one month at the vet in a cage trying to be adopted out. Their sister was adopted by the local dollhouse shop lady and I see photos of her pretty often. For Roy and Carmella the smell and site of the Vet's office must bring back sad and confusing memories. I love all of my cats, but these two little ones have been a special blessing to our house. They arrived towards the end of our beloved Alix's life. I worried that they would cause an uproar and upset her, but she truly enjoyed their lively ways and I think they helped her live a little longer. It is hard to believe Alix has been gone for a whole year.

The weather has turned cold again. There was even some snow early Friday morning. So it's back to the wool sweater and the penguin turtle-neck.

Rather then a pet snap toady I leave you with a photo of a massive sewing project. I am pretty sure my 10 year-old nephew does not read my blog ( not enough flashing lights or spinning gadgets to suit him) so it is safe to post this photo of his birthday gift. He is into the cartoon Calvin and Hobbs, much like my brother was. Infact, my brother gave him his first big cartoon book of them for Christmas. He has been asking over and over for a Hobbs doll. It seems the the cartoonist does not produce or license his characters as toys so I had to invent one myself. I now need to find a 50" x 25" x 20" box to mail this guy to New Jersey. I think it might be easier just to buy him a plane ticket.


  1. Oh my goodness have you been busy in almost every crafty way! :)
    I love your box finishes they all are adorable, not to mention Mr. Frog, his facial experssion is funny :) Likes he's saying, "Oh Croak" :)
    And the Hobbs is SPECTACULAR! I had to show my boys because they are Calvin and Hobbs fans too ;)
    Have a super week ahead!

  2. That is a totally awesome Hobbs doll!!!! You're amazing!

    Your frog is utterly charming. I'd kiss him. ;)

  3. Aren't we spoiled with pictures of your various activities! I love the Bright Birds piece.
    Your Hobbs doll is amazing! Great job. Is that what caused some screaming? With such a massive endeavour, a little screaming along the way is totally understandable ;)

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  4. Hey!
    Are those THE cookies Barbara was making this week? They sure look good.

    Thank you for visiting my blog ~ I had a chuckle at your comment. The boys love sidewalk too - that sure does cause extra glares. LOL

    Here's to gardening! :)