Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just Because I Like Them

A post about giraffes? Yes, just because I like them. I think it's because of their color. I love any shade of orange/rust/brown. Maybe it's their unique body shape or the lovely pattern on their spots. I recently discovered that a giraffe is not simply a giraffe. There are six rather distinct (at least to another giraffe anyway) varieties.

From top: Rothschild's, West African, Reticulated, Masai, Cape and Angolan . They vary only slightly in pattern/color but it was very interesting to learn this.

I've been making doll clothes lately too. Not that I make any money selling these, but just because I like them! A princess seamed 1893 gown. Maybe now that I've finally drafted some patterns that fit this doll, she may get a more complete wardrobe.
The weather has been brutally hot and humid this past week so I actually hid inside under the ceiling fan with a bit of...............hahhhhhhhhh, is it really true???????????
CROSS-STITCH. A little Patriotic finish from "The Sampler Girl" and a start on "Quaker Friendship Sampler" by The Goode Huswife. I'm using Threadworx "Morning Garden" on 28 count cream linen.

During my breaks from stitching and admiring giraffes I made a little blueberry cake. Much more blueberries then cake in this one! I even ventured into the mysterious world of yeast dough. Barbara, I curse in your general direction for getting me hooked on this. Now my freezer is filled with little bags of pizza dough-balls. I had much better luck with the white flour variety then with the whole wheat. Can anyone explain this to me?
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!


  1. The whole wheat pizza dough doesn't rise as well, and is in general more 'crumbly' to work with. But even though it's not as beautiful, it really does taste good. You might try adding a pinch or two of the gluten powder I mentioned in the w.w. pizza dough - I haven't tried it myself, but it would probably make the dough rise better. Does that get me off the hook? ;)

    Your stitching and doll clothes and your drool-worthy blueberry cake all look amazing!

  2. Hey Jen, if you roll out yr pzza dough in semolina instead of flour, your bases will have this awesome crisp, really Italian crunch. Its amazing.