Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yeah, RAIN!!

I'm not usually a big fan of rain, although I do love a good rumbling thunderstorm every once in a while. It finally rained last night.
Since I got around to planting the vegetable garden last week I was dreading having to drag buckets of water out there. What about the garden hose, you say? Well, our garden hose only gives hot water. One of the (many) pitfalls of getting that "friend of a friend" to fix the plumbing last year. I've had many a nice dream about installing a huge in-ground swimming pool and then joyfully filling it from our steaming garden hose. No such luck on that one though.
My latest gardening venture has been "fairy gardens". To me they look more like dollhouse settings moved that's exactly what I did.
A bit difficult to see the little bench and the wheelbarrow from this photo. Finished another pair of what I call "crock socks". They are soft , comfortable and cottony. This pair knitted from Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Collection Garden Yarn in "Sea". Immediately started another pair from Plymouth Happy Feet color #25You would think they could come up with a wonderful name for this amazing color combination. Something more exciting then #25.
The rainy weather brought me indoors earlier then usual and I was finally able to get over procrastinating and finish a Summer dress for my 16" doll. This one is circa 1895 of a finely striped cotton.Oddly enough there has been no cross-stitch going on. I did start another gymnast design but I haven't photographed her yet. Waiting for the inspiration (or Crafting A.D.D.) to hit me.
The pets continue to thrive although they are not too fond of this hot, humid weather. Lots of lounging and relaxing going on.


  1. Garden looks lovely.
    I always like a good thunderstorm. If I am save at my house to appreciate it.

  2. You are still on quite a roll with the socks, they look fab :) Rain makes good knitting weather ;)

  3. Your graden looks great.

    I tried to send you an email about the European gymnastics and sent it to the wrong person but fortunately they found it quite amusing. LOL

  4. What a pretty fairy garden!! As for rain, I'd gladly give you mine. I'm sick of it. LOVE your socks!!