Monday, December 20, 2010

In A Minute!

That's about all I get on the Internet these days. I just tried to upload a photo and it ACTUALLY WORKED!! So I will try again now with this cute photo of Blacky/Lowell. She ( not a "he" as we all had assumed) was 'fixed' last Tuesday and is recovering well. As much as I love kittens I am the first to promote the spay/neuter thing. There are so many strays running around and it's especially heart-breaking in this cold weather. So now there is another happy house pet to add to the ranks. Yes, Blacky is now allowed inside the heated garage/man-cave. I am hoping the neighbors let her in the house soon. I've hinted at how much easier that would be, rather then trudging through the snow out to the garage to feed her and feed the stove heater with wood. I think it's only a matter of time.


  1. She is so nice))) Love all cats!
    Well it is really a problem for homeless cats and dogs to live through the frosty winter here and there...
    There are so many points here where you can get the homeless pet.. My eyes are always wet if I see this points. I want to take all cats then... but no free place in my flat even... also it is too difficalt to feed them all together.. I am glad our cat Kuzya is not homeless anymore since he is living with us. But I remember he was.. It is sad...

  2. Awww I have a precious little back boy! Not so precious at the moment since he's beating up the older 14 year old cat!

  3. Oh she's so cute! What a lovely photo.