Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I can hardly believe it's been nearly a month since I last posted. I have been lurking around Blogland, reading and occasionally commenting. Not that my interest has gone, simply that my Internet connection and computer have both been very temperamental. All sorts of weird pop-ups, redirects, un-wanted website suggestions and switches, sudden disconnections and total blue screens! All the usual signs of an all-out spyware invasion. I think I have the problem solved, or a least brought down to a manageable level where I can get more then five minutes at a stretch on-line. The lack of Internet has been both frustrating and liberating. Since most of my readers are crafters of some sort, you know what I mean. I love my new-found blog and e-mail buddies. I love exchanging ideas and viewing photos. But suddenly hours have gone by, spent sitting in front of the computer screen. Of course a ragingly slow dial-up connection has a lot to do with this. I would love to update everyday....share photos, stories, thoughts and ideas. I have found with this "down-time" that I am actually implementing these thoughts and ideas rather then just writing about them.
My latest venture is into the world of FELT. I have always admired all the sweet little felted creatures I see on-line and in books. I haven't ventured quite that far yet. My felt world is of the more traditional variety, as in felt of the fabric kind. Again, my grand ideas of working with all those gorgeous over-dyed wool felts out there has been brought back to the more financially realistic realm of 9 x 12 squares from Hobby Lobby, Michaels and JoAnns. Not many photos yet of the new creations. Most are still in the "almost finished" stage. The donuts were an absolute first choice on my list of projects with felt.

I have finished two more pairs of socks and have nearly completed pair #32. These first two were completed during my blizzard-extended Christmas trip to my parent's home in New Jersey. The, in itself, is an interesting tale, best left for another time. Nothing too earth shattering, just my usual angst- and anxiety-ridden holiday fair. Oh but I do love Mommy and Daddy so much!! Anyway, on to the socks. First, Mary Maxim brand Soft Stripes Bamboo in "Lagoon". The second pair is knitted from the wildly expensive yarn I bought at September's Midwest Wool Festival. Fiber Optic Yarns by Kimber Baldwin Designs Footnotes "Bengal Batik". The third pair is nearly done. On-line Supersocke Holiday Color #1004. I wish they would give these colors a real name. Something this bright and wild needs a name!
On the more stitchy front. Not much cross-stitch at all, but I did manage to make one dolly a new Christmas dress, circa 1895.

It seems like it's been snowing nearly everyday! Not that I'm complaining. Now safely "removed" from the arduous drive to the new gymnastics club, I welcome any type of weather. Today is a down-right rain storm, but I see a little ! on my local weather website warning me of an approaching Winter storm. After the 29.5 inches of snow in NJ the day after Christmas, nothing surprises me. Yes, those are my rather chubby legs inside my parents garage, with the snow piled up nearly to the bottom of my coat.

Bring on the snow!


  1. Great to hear from you, Jennifer! :D Keep up the fabulous crafting - your felt creations look wonderful.

  2. Isn't it wonderful to find even more creative things to do!! Cute donuts! Love your socks too!!

  3. Jennifer, love to see you could come and see your Mom and Dad again. I am so happy both of them are in good health as they can)))
    Oh, the felt cakes look so wonderful))) Love them a lot) Once I tried to make whatever like this, but nothing. I wish I could make the trying number two oneday... but I am afraid of to get sure 100% that my hands are growing from another place..)))
    Oh, how much I miss you, my dear!!
    Love. Larisa.

  4. Felt is fun! :)
    I ordered a bigger batch of felt in many colors from an etsy seller from the uk last year but I also got little packages of small pieces from France from a friend and what a frustration to see that felt can be *so* wonderful, *so* beautiful but oh, so expensive. I'm saving those for a special project as they are so small sized. I love all the type of projects felt can be used for!
    We haven't had snow here in Norway for 10 days and none is announced for the next 10, it feels a bit weird here :)
    The doll looks so real!
    Your socks are so nice! I'm such a sock lover but can't seem to understand the instructions in English (even got a nice book) so I just might have to get a book in French (the language I learned to knit in). You're my sock hero :)