Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sunshine On My Needles

There certainly is no sunshine outside lately. For nearly a week it has done nothing but rain. The Little Miami River near our house is about to hit flood stage, as are the Great Miami and Ohio Rivers. Then, just for a change of pace, it decided to snow like a blizzard this afternoon.

Being trapped inside has made me restless and creative. Not a good mix. Lots of ideas, but very little work actually getting done. I started this pair of sunny socks, Lion Brand Sock-Ease "Lemon Drop". I dug up some fabrics for a bright evening gown circa 1911 for one of the 16" dolls. Here's the inspiration dress. Although the line of these Edwardian dresses look quite simplistic getting those skirts to drape properly in dolly size certainly is not an easy task. Luckily the border-printed fabric will do most of the styling work for me. The underdress is going to be made of pale gold satin.

The pets enjoyed a few moments outside on Tuesday, the only partly-sunny day this week. Poor Bud is getting pretty old. His face is nearly all gray. But he still loves to go for long walks, although his pace is much slower these days. Roy and Carmella were scheduled for their annual Vet check-up today. Only Roy made it there though. Once he let out those incredible howls as I loaded him into the pet carrier, Carmella headed for the this case the farthest reaches under the bed. She is rescheduled for next week.

As the wind and snow blow outside, I look forward to Springtime and Easter............


  1. oh I'm looking forward to Spring too but I have flurries in my backyard too. Love the bright yellow socks - I made a pair with that yarn too and they are one of my favorite pairs. Take care and stay warm -

  2. I agree, spring can't come too soon! Love the sock! (psst, I may have something to show you in that department soon... Thanks for the inspiration!)

  3. Your sock is so bright and cheery! I have a ball of that in my I have an idea of how it'll turn out, thanks!

  4. The weather has been utterly miserable here, too. Ugh. Bring me some green, please! Now we've got ice like you would not believe. I've already fallen twice today taking care of the animals.