Friday, March 4, 2011

Those Of Us Left Behind

It's been a hard two weeks since Sammy died. He was with us nearly 12 years and suffered from FIV/Feline Leukemia. He had rough times with the upper respiratory disease and spent days at a time with his head down, nose to the floor looking as if Death was ready to claim him. On three occasions he even vanished totally....the longest stretch being for 17 days. But he always came back to us. On that fateful Thursday he had gone out to enjoy the first warm day of the year after spending most of the Winter inside. He was always an adventurous cat, but as he got older he spent more and more time inside where it was warm and dry. He was brutally struck down by a speeding car within 30 minutes of going outside. That is what made it all the more sad. The fact that he had survived FIV to be taken from us in such a cruel way. We all miss him terribly, but I think it was the hardest on his closest friend, Coal. There is a new friend who has come around lately. Actually there are three: a black cat who I had mistaken for Coal until he took of running at high speed when I approached him; a small and extremely shy brown tiger striped cat; and this guy. Mr. Gray and White has been around for about a month now. He sleeps on this discarded office chair in our old green shed. He also has become good friends with Mocha. He still runs when I get too close, but he's been letting me get closer and closer these days. He and Coal don't quite hit it off. They do that odd little dance of side glances, posturing and speaking in tongues. Hopefully all will settle down and I will find a suitable name for Gray and White.

On the sewing/crafting front I've made quite a bit of progress on many different projects. It all came to a screeching halt on Wednesday when I was informed I had been REJECTED for the Warren County Arts Fair. My booth-partner was accepted, but not me. Some how coming from an organization with the words "Warren County" on the front of it I really don't find this rejection too surprising. So now I have a kick-ass supply of really nice Birthday and Christmas gifts. Things were put sharply back in persepective when I read of the tragic death of The Primitive Needle designer Lisa Roswell. Although I did not know her personally, she is a fellow Ohioan and I feel such sorrow for her family. I am participating in a SAL organized on Facebook to honor her. I've started stitching "Hornbook Angel".

Some socks have been finished. Mary Maxim brand Gemstones in "Peridot" and a collection of tiny little socks made up of my left-overs. They fit my American Girl dolls perfectly, but they have another purpose.................

The 18" dollies also got two new Spring gowns. I love these organza's from JoAnne Fabrics, but I could never afford enough to make myself a garment. I did dig up 3 yards of this lovely Oriental cat print that I had stashed away for several years. I am plotting to make this Simplicity jacket with it. Maybe a nice red satin for the belt? I need to buy some lining though before I get to cutting. It will certainly be an indoor style jacket, paired with a black skirt and maybe some red heels. Such ambitious plans!
Than you so much for all the kind and heart-felt comments about Sammy. I appreciate each and every one.


  1. I'm so sorry Jennifer. The thought of him waiting to enjoy a nice sunny day and then this happening when he finally got to go out and enjoy is it really, really sad. I wish I had super-powers that could undo it.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss Jennifer. {{hugs}}

    Wonderful socks :)

  3. I hope you are feeling a little better, despite the sadness. Perhaps Mr. Gray and White will show himself some more, because he looks like a great addition!

  4. Craft fairs reject people? I had no idea. Your crafting is so beautiful - they must have impossibly high standards.

    I get so mad when people speed by our house, which has a 25 mph limit but everyone goes closer to 45 or 50. The four legged critters don't stand a chance. :(