Monday, May 16, 2011

Maybe This One Should Have A Title!

In my enthusiasm to embrace the 21st Century and try out a pre-scheduled blogpost, I totally neglected to give my last post a title!  So much for progress........
 In regards to other progress, the bottle wall emerged from it's wooden frame intact!  Not so for my friend Cindy's creation, which cracked right in half.  The remaining two bottle walls did survive along with mine.  It was starting to get dark when we got the call to come  see the "unveiling" so the photos are not so great.  Of course it is RAINING again today, but I hope to get some more colorful and bright shots later in the week.

Mine on the far right.  Should be standing with bottles pointing downward.

Top view
Kind of hard to see the bottle showing on both sides of the concrete.  In the bucket below are "sea turtles" swimming.  I made them from the leftover scraps of concrete mix and pressed some marbles and beads into them for detail.  They need to "cure" in the water bath for a while.

Spent several hours ( thanks to my slow dial-up Internet connection) "de-stashing" on Etsy. The financial situation has become pretty bleak around here, so I listed a few crafty items for sale. Wouldn't you know it, the one I least wanted to sell sold within an hour. So sad to see these kitties go, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Steinlen Cats
Boston Museum of Fine Arts Collection
It's turning into a real "poor pitiful me" kinda day.  Have those every once in a while.  Never in a million years did I think I would be so unemployable.  Things (meaning bills) are starting to pile up and this feeds my stress and anxiety issues.  Not that any part of me needs feeding at all!  Can't even muster the motivation to exercise, which just makes me more anxious and depressed.  Ah, the wheel goes round and round...............


  1. So sorry you're having to part with stash and deal with mounting stress and all the concerns that go with trying to find the right job. Wishing you well, as always!!

  2. Sorry things are so hard for you right now!!! I can tell you that in these times, you are not alone!!Your glass bottle wall looks great though!!