Saturday, May 14, 2011

Inspiration = Action(?)

Not necessarily! Digging through fabrics and endlessly browsing the Internet for photos and this is what I came up with.  Wow, the old sepia-tone photos just don't do these fashions justice.  Look at the amazing color of this 1860's dress!

1869 Madame Vignon gown

The mix of color and texture on this dress is so interesting.  Check out that seemingly random pink bow....but it works!
1895 Day Dress
 Again, a mix of fabrics that works well.  So soft and graceful.

1905 Pink Crepe Gown
This one will most likely be the first I attempt.  I have quite a few 1895 patterns draw up already.  A few alterations to the sleeve and collar and I might be able to capture the essence of this beauty.

1895 Worth Day Dress
Another rainy day after a few pretty nice days previously.  Tuesday thru Friday it was up into the 80sF with bright sun.  Now it's back to the "usual".  I can't even get out to rototill the garden plot.  Just when I thought it would dry out a bit from last week's downpours, here it comes again.  At least all the grass got cut last night, finally!  So it's on to "indoor pursuits".  1pm and still I am typing and browsing and not much is actually getting done....................................


  1. wow! Jennifer, they are the work of Art! Very beautiful dresses!!! You are so talented the seamstress!

  2. No, no...I did not make these Larisa. Hopefulyy I can copy them in doll-size dresses with some success.