Monday, July 4, 2011

Tag, You're It!

Well, actually I'm It!  This post had a decidedly crafty theme to it at first, but I've been "tagged" by so many mosquitoes in the past few days I just couldn't pass on the ironic title.  I have been crafting away though and this is the result.  Some tags.  I am always inspired by the beautiful scrapbook/card making skills of my dear friend Larisa in Russia.  She works on a limited budget with limited supplies but still turns out such artful work.  So I tried my hand at these little guys.

I think George Washington on his glittery white horse is my favorite.
 I cut out the tag shapes myself, as the images were a bit too large for standard tags.  Then I embellished them with glitter, sequins and trims.  They were supposed to go on loves of blueberry bread I had planned to make for the neighborhood 4th of July Party.  This party took place yesterday and the menu was so massive there was no need to do additional baking.  Roy and Sharee throw a gigantic Halloween Party (Sharee is known as the Queen of Halloween around here), but apparently no holiday or theme is beyond her magic touch.  The seafood bake was beyond compare.

It got a bit messy, so Roy cleaned up in the fountain before diving into dessert.

Peanut butter Pie
  The Fourth itself started out a bit rainy but has really brightened up.  A lazy day with a bit of gardening and a lot less eating then yesterday.  I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!


  1. What a great post, Jennifer. Those lobsters are amazing! :D I'm glad you enjoyed such a fabulous Fourth!

  2. Fantastic and I agree with Barbara - those lobsters are amazing!!! Hope your rest of July is just as good.


  3. Hi. i noticed your comment on larissa's blog saying you have to constantly sign in. Do you have the box keep me signed in ticked as i found when i have that ticked i have the same problem. once i unticked it, the problem resolved itself. Hope that helps you with leaving comments. Great post. Thanks for sharing

    hugs julie