Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm So Done!

Done with a selection of cross-stitch items, that is!  I finished up "Pride & Glory" by Threadwork Primitives.  A little late for 4th of July, but at least I'm moving out of my funk and getting things done.  I also finished some Christmas ornaments in anticipation of a craft fair I've been invited to on  22/23  September.  My neighbor Kelly is opening up her farm and extensive gardens to local crafters/ knitters/ gardeners/bakers, etc. to sell their wares.  Her lovely wooded area will be filled with tables to display and sell our items.  More then likely we will be doing a lot of bartering/trading amongst ourselves.

Selection of Prairie Schoolers

Also on the "done" list are these three terrariums.  I plan on selling them at the September Craft Fair also.

I've found the most interesting succulent plants at Lowe's and Home Depot.  Of course they are labeled simply as "succulent plant" so I don't know the proper names of these oddies.

Done with the first test competition of the new gymnastics season.  We are still months away from official competitions but a few of my girls attended a camp this week to work on their skills.  I was invited to judge their mock meet on the final day of "Olympic Week".  Here I am with Lily, Abby, Ellie and Jen.

On the stitching pile now (yes I am creating a pile again) is Prairie Schooler's "Fall Fields:.  I just love these colors.  I love everything about Autumn.  By that time of year things have calmed down on the travel/anxiety front and gymnastics is in full swing.

In regards to finding peaceful things, this little guy found me instead.  He actually found the neighbors down the street, Roy and Sharee, but of course every cat I encounter instantly becomes MINE.  Two years ago they were found by lovely Blackie.  Now Blackie has a new friend, Deuce (as in black cat number two).  The two seem to get along pretty well and Deuce loves the numerous dogs at Roy and Sharee's house.  Blackie, well not so much!

Blackie (on the deck) and Deuce having a snack together

And here he is, the epitome of relaxation, kitty Coal.  He seeks out my lap even on the hottest day.  There have certainly been some hot ones lately.  I don't mind it though.  The excessive heat keeps the cats close to home, usually just lounging on the patio in the shade.

I, on the other hand, will be close to the TV for the next two weeks.  Dolly Jillian and I are all geared up for the Olympics.  Here she is sporting her London 2012 commemorative leotard.  My Etsy shop is going crazy with sales of dolly leotards this week.  I love it!  Of course the earnings are turned over almost instantly into more crafty stash.

Thank you for the kind comments and encouraging words.  As I find a more even keel I hope to post more often and share more accomplishments rather then griping all the time.

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