Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dear Frederick......Part II

Frederick, my loyal friend.  I started to stitch you in September of 2009.  My life so full of turmoil and sadness back then, you were a comfort to me.  When things spiraled out of control you were set aside but not forgotten.  You waited patiently for me until last week, when you were released from that zip-lock bag and allowed to fly free again.  Now you are nearly complete.  Today may be the day infact!

Your lovely colors still as fresh and new as the day I first saw you.  It is truly a time for birds at my house.  Welcome back Frederick!

And on the topic of long lost WIPs, I also brought out Black Bird Designs "Summer Jubilee".  As budget constraints have curtailed any new stash acquisitions I am digging into the WIP bag and finding all things old become new again.  Jubilee is finished now  except for the initials and date.  I am trying to decide between an up-coming wedding and a 20th Anniversary.

We have been blessed with a nest of Eastern Phoebes on our porch.  I have never seen this type of bird before in our yard.  They have constructed the most lovely grass and moss nest against the wall.  You can just see one of their babies peeking out.  This was taken about 8 days ago. 

Here they are yesterday.  There are five little guys stuffed in there!  The parents come and sit on the nest at night, so it's pretty crowded.  I have taken down my garden table to keep the cats as far from them as possible.

The gardens are blooming and last night we finally got the sweet corn planted.  Two acres of "Peaches and Cream".  The seeder attachment on the old tractor finally gave out so we went Amish and planted 2 acres the old fashioned way!  Joe pushed the single wheel seeder and I followed behind covering up the rows.  Well, the Amish have horse for help.....
An enjoyable evening none the less.  There are times when I need to step back and step out of the craziness and obligations of the "modern world" and just get back to Nature.  The new gymnastics training season starts on Monday so the craziness will return soon enough.  Time to enjoy the weekend....................with Frederick.

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  1. lovely stitching, jennifer!! And thanks for the sneak peek of the phoebe nest!!