Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Making The Most Of The Day

I was going to title this post "Making The Most Of The Last Day", since today is the final day of the Summer holiday from the gym.  But that word "last" seems to be too much of a trend in my blogworld lately.  Two of my favorite bloggers and sweet friends have decided to stop (or temporarily suspend) their blogs.  I will miss you Isabelle and Annmarie.  Barbara in Maine gave me quite a scare with her recently titled post "Coming Full Circle".  I thought she was making an exit too.  Can I blame them?  I have neglected my blog for so long in favor of Facebook, texting and e-mails.  Ah Facebook, where I can find the snarky one-liners from the disgruntled, the mysterious quips of the love-lorn, and of course the mandatory photos of what's for dinner ( I actually LIKE these!).  Again, I too am guilty on all counts.  I have been in a heated Facebook shaming of Lowe's Home Improvement Store over my lawn mower.  No matter how many **** I insert in place of certain letters I am sure everyone knows exactly what I'm writing.  It's become an unhealthy obsession to check on all the other angry consumers, share my story over and over and add my nasty two cents where ever I can. As for e-mail, there is another venue that I am better to avoid. It has become (since the demise of our home phone land-line) the repository of spam, junk mail and cyber telemarketing....and of course the ever-so-stimulating e-mails from work. " The pencils, formerly located on the left corner of the desk will now be relocated to the right side of the desk.  There will be a one hour staff meeting Friday at dinner time to discuss this issue."  Followed by an impossible to open Excel document repeating this announcement so I may print out my own hard copy to retain for my records.
Gone are the days when I would spend hours writing letters.  Sure the airmail stamps were expensive, but that's what made it all the more special.  I didn't waste a lot of time or space on CRAP.  I remember having nearly 2 dozen "pals" from all over the World,  Some from the world of gymnastics, others with common interests in cats, sewing, gardening....and some with absolutely nothing in common.  I miss that simpler time.
In these waning days of Summer I always seem to get nostalgic for things gone by.  The annual trip to my childhood home only intensifies these feelings.  It went off again this year without many glitches.  Joe and all the cats survived my week-long absence and my parents were very happy for the help and "unique meals"(my father's words) I made for them.  As I reflect on endings, I feel that my time here in my quiet house with my gardens, my special world of gymnastics and my rather unique lifestyle in general will be coming to an end.  I know my parents need me to live with them and help them.  Each year I put it off to the next and even now I hesitate to write about it because it makes it all too real.
But where else should I write?  Some cryptic Facebook post, some stilted and overly edited e-mail, an angry text to my brother?  HERE is where it should be.  Among my friends, in a world I find very gentle and caring though it be in cyberspace.   I love to read about your crafts, your pets.  I love to see photos of what you are making for dinner!
So what will I make of this day?  I will knit a pair of socks.  Maybe get some work in on a half-finished quilt.  I will fill the bird feeders and refresh the hummingbird "juice".  I'll pull some weeds from my over-grown failure of a vegetable garden.  I'll entertain the cats (or is that the other way 'round!).  I'll clean something, fix something, cook something.  And maybe when I'm tired of all that I'll write a letter to an old pen-pal.

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