Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pepper's Christmas

And we're off!  Pepper and I at the Dayton Airport.  She was so incredibly well-behaved.  A few little meows on the ride there.  I even put a harness on her as we got close to the airport.  When I traveled with my Alix in 1997 the TSA pulled her out of her carrier  without asking me first) and gave her a pat-down, to the tune of some horrendous shrieking!  I thought for sure she would scratch or bite the TSA agent who would then release his grip and she would be lost forever in the airport.  This time the agent politely asked me to hold Pepper while we went through the metal detector/scanner and her carrier went through the conveyor belt with my carry-on bag.  Not a sound out of Pepper, not even when our flight to Newark was delayed by over an hour.  It was such a long wait, but we survived the flight with no problems.
At my mom and dad's Pepper was at first overwhelmed by all the space, the furniture the new faces and most importantly THE CARPET.  As a clawless cat she just loved the softness and texture of the wall-to-wall carpet at Mom and Dad's.

On Christmas Day Pepper got more gifts then anyone else!  Lots of catnip toys, a 3D "Swiss Cheese" game and some glittery, jingly balls.

My brother's cat Mel got a similar assortment,

but couldn't resist inspecting Pepper's gifts.  Christmas dinner was at my brother's house with some of his close friends and their lovely daughters, who also brought gifts for Pepper!!

3D Swiss Cheese!

Pepper stuck close to me for the first few days and then slowly started to warm up to Mom and Dad.  Inching closer to my dad on the couch......

and then allowing some petting from her new best friend, my dad!  The pink afghan is a favorite napping spot now.

Got to reconnect with my dear grammar school friend Nancy, who also loves cat.  I hadn't seen her in nearly THRITY YEARS!

 I miss you Mommy and Daddy.  Thank you so much for giving Pepper and safe and loving home.


  1. Now that is a true Christmas story!! How wonderful that you've found here a loving home!

  2. I'm all over smiles at this wonderful story, Jennifer!!

  3. What a lovely story. I'm glad you were able to find a loving home for the kitty. I have a cat from the shelter myself. I can't understand how people can just throw them out once they get bored with them. Well done on saving this one.